Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mandra Yoga

This is the setting voiede ineffable resonance with some sublime and subtle energies of the divine manifestation through the issuance of certain syllables that facilitate the sound in unison, and are known as Mantra . A mantra is a sound structure that represents a particular aspect of energy or a hidden realm of manifestation of the Macrocosm. Proper mental focus for the issuance of a Mantra facilitates the emergence of ineffable state of resonance or harmony in the being of the yogi will be set and ineffable and profound connection with the Divine Reality.

Jnana yoga - is the way of higher intellectual knowledge, wisdom. It is a perfect self-knowledge (self knowledge) and detached analysis that leads gradually to a total spiritual awakening. The Jnana Yogi acquires the early stages of his knowledge the Supreme Self (Atman) and ceases to identify the body, the psyche, the mind and ego. Through the revelation of its total immortal Self (Atman) he identifies with the Divine essence from within his being, and recognizing all the Divine essence in all that surrounds it performs the uniqueness that makes ecstasy.

In conclusion we can say that the Integral Yoga is a synthesis of all forms of Yoga. Its objectives are a perfect body, full of health and vigor, a mind clear, calm and controlled. A refined intellect, alert and fine as a razor, a heart full of love and compassion can live in the states high empathy for others, a life full of lofty aspirations dedicated to the welfare and happiness of others, where predominates always the aspiration of Self-realization within immortal.

Karma Yoga

KARMA YOGA - This is the path of action that makes possible the detached spontaneously put in unison with the aspirant with the divine energies, endless. Here, for the achievement of social activities or homework daily, without attachment or desire to appropriate the results or fruits of action, karma yogi purifies his mind and constantly accelerating its progress inside.

When his mind and his heart is sufficiently purified, karma yogi becomes a perfect instrument to achieve super-conscious individual actions in the event. In doing so, led by the sublime spirit of self-giving, the yogi transcends individuality and experiences the state of communion with the Divine Consciousness.

Bhakti Yoga - This is the path of the endless love and self-giving loving towards God, a divine manifestation, to a spiritual teacher or even against the divine spark that exists in every human being under the shape of the immortal Supreme Self (Atman).

Moral and Ethical Development

By a constant love, both in thought and in heart, put all the time in the service of God, human beings finally merges with the endless and divine love, transcending his limited personality he reached the state of Cosmic Consciousness. The path of Bhakti or devotion endless when we focus all our love of the Divine and its various manifestations, can be easily practiced by anyone. All it then causes in us is a firm belief and a constant reminder of God through love that we offer almost always.

Raja Yoga - This is the voiede the intense meditation, deep meditation and control of the mind. This form of Yoga is based on moral and ethical development and complete control of the senses leads gradually to a state of meditation, through which the mind can be calm and free of unwanted mental vortex. In this phase, when this state is fully realized, all limits are transcended, and with complete fusion of the mind divine macrocosm, the yogi experiences the highest state of consciousness or ecstasy known as the Yoga Samadhi.


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