Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anti Bruising and Healing

Anti-bruising and healing

It is as immortal as the essential oil reveals its healing properties and its anti-bruising unrivaled. The italidiones in the oil act as "garbage collectors" against dead cells, thus accelerating the healing of bruises and hematomas. The reduction of "blue" is spectacular, and can be seen in the hours following the shock. Healing is accelerated and facilitated. The oil can also prevent the appearance of unsightly scars if applied immediately on a small wound. The combined indications of blood thinner and dermal repair of the immortal are invaluable to help mitigate the loss of varicose veins and rosacea.

Specialty Corsica

The Italian everlasting growing in Corsica has, it seems, an increased therapeutic activity on blood circulation and heart sphere. The simple act of breathing gives the sensation that the flow is activated and the blood becomes thinner. But because of the difficulty in buying - the annual harvest is indeed only 300 to 500 kilos - it is generally preferred to use the essential oils of Helichrysum stoechas, from France, or from Augustifolum Balkans.

Orange Blossom Water

Orange blossom water produced by distillation of orange blossom.
The orange blossom water is extracted by distillation of the flowers of sour orange or bitter orange called. This preparation is used in baking and candy to flavor pasta cakes and creams.

Flavor drinks and pastries, tea, coffee, puddings, cookies, cakes ...
The petals of orange blossoms are distilled to obtain this wonderful orange blossom water to perfume the desserts and confectionery Eastern Mediterranean.

Orange blossom water: cosmetic properties It helps you relax, soothe and soften your skin. Traditionally used for its exceptional aroma and soothing and calming properties, water Orange Blossom is the ideal treatment for dry, fragile and sensitive. The orange blossom water we use in our baked goods can have a calming effect: add one or two teaspoons in a cup of warm milk or herbal tea.

Spray Orange blossom water on the pillow, you will sleep soft and soothing. The orange blossom water is deemed to promote sleep. The water of orange blossom is very popular with people under stress or nervous. It also prevents the appearance of brown spots and has a delicious fragrance.

Rose and Orange Blossom

Known for its calming effects, it reduces stress and provides better sleep. A few drops on the pillow will protect you from bad dreams ... Used in baking, she deliciously flavored desserts and drinks. Two scoops in the bottle, it calms and soothes babies and relieves nervous little stomach ache. ORGANIC FLORAL WATER OF ORANGE BLOSSOM - FLORAME Organic Floral Water Orange Blossom obtained by steam distillation of orange blossom water. Amer.

Therapeutic properties: Known for its aromatic properties. Floral Water Orange Blossom delicately perfumes your cooking. It is also very popular for its relaxing qualities that promote relaxation and sleep of adults and toddlers.
- Cosmetic properties: Floral Water Orange Blossom is known for its moisturizing, refreshing and calming. It regenerates all skin types, balances and soothes dry skin.

Orange: This water is obtained by the distillation of orange blossoms. It is known for its moisturizing, refreshing and calming. It relaxes, soothe and soften skin. Water of orange flowers and is popular with people under stress or nervous drawn features. It also prevents the appearance of brown spots and has a delicious scent ...

Marcus Evans

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