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Bladder Infection : Natural Treatment

Testimonies from people online and elsewhere:

"Baking soda works well for me: I am c 1 soup in a cup of water, he heals irritation, however, do not abuse this stuff, because there are kidney stones ..."

"I said I did not inflammation of the bladder with chronic inflammation of the bladder for several months for 3 years, and now I am no longer than 2 years since the inflammation of the bladder, and this is the alkaline diet and toilet paper that saved my hypoallergenic."

Treatment of natural water

Drink a glass of water per hour for 8 hours.

And drink plenty of fluids to increase urine production. It eliminates bacteria that attempt to penetrate the cell walls. It is recommended that you continue to drink water until the color of your urine is clear again.

Treatment with cranberry juice

A recent study may discourage bacteria from cranberry juice to cells that invade the urinary tract to prevent it. This can be helpful for people who contribute to bladder infections, where this treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria and provide for a speedy recovery.

Bladder Infection Symptoms

In more than 85% of cases of cystitis caused by E. coli, a bacterium in the lower digestive tract. Intercourse may increase the risk of cystitis because bacteria are introduced into the bladder through the urethra during sexual activity.

Individual suffering from inflammation of the bladder feels pain when urinating. He also feels the urgent need to urinate several times a day.

Is distorted in many cases urine. May contain blood in the urine. Smell is very strong in general.

Natural treatment for inflammation of the bladder

Treatment with natural baking soda

For natural remedies first, the preparation of a mixture of sodium bicarbonate. At the first sign of symptoms, mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in two quarts and a half cup of water and drink it several times. Please do not take pure bicarbonate, because they burn instead of treatment.

Bladder Infection

Cystitis and inflammation of the bladder usually caused by bacteria that cause difficulties in urination. It can also be caused by toxic agents. And painful urination and cloudy urine.

Urinary tract (urethra and bladder) is usually sterile. Infection with the bacterium causes inflammation and irritation, and causes inflammation of the bladder is called.

This disease usually affects sexually active women between 20 and 50 years. Can also occur in sexually active women, the elderly or young girls.

Inflammation of the bladder in men is rare. Women are more prone to developing bladder infections because of the relatively short distance between the opening of the urethra and anus. This is not a disease exclusively female.

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Raynaud's Treatments

The symptoms of Raynaud's disease may hide underlying disease or be the first symptom of another disease. A medical consultation is required to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Medical treatment

■ In case of crisis
- Warm your hands by placing them under the armpits, or feet by soaking in warm water (not hot).
- Restoring circulation by moving the fingers or toes, massaging them and making large circles with your arms.
- If stress is the cause of the crisis, leaving the stressful situation and relax while warming the affected parts.

■ Drugs. Medications are rarely used, but they are required for severe cases of Raynaud's phenomenon.
- Vasodilators: calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers, nitroglycerin cream.
- Adjuvant treatment to increase the effect of vasodilators: fluoxetine, cilostazol, pentoxifilline.

Natural health products and complementary treatments

Ginkgo biloba

Only natural health products (NHPs) and complementary therapies have proved effective in several studies or recognized by organizations like the World Health and the German Commission E are listed here. See more Raynaud's disease for all products and treatments evaluated.

Prevent Raynaud's

It is impossible to prevent the onset of the disease when it is linked to genetic factors, but steps can prevent crises.

■ Keeping warm with gloves, warm clothing, a hat, even in bed if necessary.

■ Do not move from a hot zone in a heated area or decrease the thermal shock by wearing gloves or clothing.

■ Quit smoking (important).

■ better manage stress and practicing relaxation techniques.

■ Be physically active.

■ Avoid caffeine.

■ Avoid drugs against colds that contain pseudoephedrine (Actifed ®, Sudafed ®, for example).

■ Only use vibratory tools in good condition and reduce the maximum vibration.

■ Avoid birth control pills if you suffer from Raynaud's phenomenon.

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Raynaud's Syndrome

Have suffered injuries or frostbite in the feet and hands.

■ Be suffering from a autoimmune disease such as scleroderma, the disease Sharp, Sjögren syndrome, lupus.

■ suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, atherosclerosis, thyroid disease or Buerger's disease.

■ Work in some business sectors.
- With tools that generate vibrations.
- In fish markets (alternating hot and cold).
- Exposure to vinyl chloride (plastics industry).
- Subjected to repeated minor trauma to hands, work the keyboard, the piano in the body or in the tiling.

■ Use of drugs that have the effect of contracting blood vessels (beta-blockers, some chemotherapy treatments, and against migraine).

Did You Know ?

There are two forms of the disease according to the cause. Raynaud's disease most often given mild symptoms, but the syndrome or Raynaud's phenomenon is less common and more serious. The latter problem is caused by diseases such as scleroderma, which reach the blood vessels or damage to blood vessels. It can cause deformities in fingers and toes and even gangrene.


■ The affected area from pink to white waxy natural, became numb and cold, with or without loss of sensitivity.

■ Sometimes the affected area turns blue.

■ When the affected parties are warming, we can feel tingling, pulsation, pain (more rarely).

Which increases the risk

Genetics and female. People who have a direct relative (parent, sibling) affected by Raynaud's disease have about a three chance of being achieved. Women aged 15 to 40 years represent 75% to 90% of cases of Raynaud's disease.

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Raynaud's Disease

About Raynaud's disease, the following information. This disease is not trivial as it may be related to an autoimmune disease such as scleroderma, but the disease Sharp, Sjögren syndrome, lupus.

Raynaud's disease can be hereditary, linked to certain sectors studio tool (vibration of jackhammers), or caused by drugs that contract the blood vessels (beta-blockers).

About Raynaud's disease

Disease or Raynaud's syndrome, not only have the cold hands or feet. It is a chronic disorder of blood circulation in the extremities. The people, when exposed to cold and, more rarely, in cases of emotional stress, have their fingers or toes suddenly become white, cold and sometimes insensitive or numb as the blood flows no more. Sometimes the disease also affects the lips and earlobes.

Essential Oil Corsica


In case of rosacea: add 10 drops of essential oil of Italian everlasting in 100 ml of a day cream. Apply every morning on a clean, dry skin.


In case of Raynaud's phenomenon: add 2 drops of essential oil of Italian everlasting extémité on your fingers and / or hands and feet and massage gently. What to do morning and evening periods "critical" that is in winter.

If blue or stroke: a drop or two drops of pure essential oil of the everlasting blue and gently massage.

Even better, apply a few drops of the following mixture: 10 drops of essential oil of Italian everlasting in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil arnica.
In case of normal scar: gently massage the scar with 1 or 2 drops of essential oil of Italian everlasting, 3 times daily until healing.

To relieve phlebitis: Mix 2 drops of essential oil of Italian everlasting in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage your legs up in the ankles to the knees.

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Helichrysum Italian - Benifits

Essential oil helichrysum Italian

• It is antispasmodic, anticatarrhal, mucolytic and expectorant: it will be used in case of runny nose, rhinitis, bronchitis, spasmodic cough and whooping cough.

• It is stimulating the immune system and anti-allergenic.

• It is stimulating hepatocellular: it will be used in cases of small liver failure, headache of hepatic origin.

• It is hypocholesterolemic.

• The essential oil of Helichrysum is a natural antidepressant, it brings some comfort to those emotional, stress or phobias.

• In association with lavender and mandarin, it will be used in massage for children to calm nervous or her cries and her tears at a whooping cough.

• It helps to be retrieved fat.

In the infant, pregnant or nursing, it is necessary to properly dilute the essential oil of everlasting and it is better not to use it for prolonged periods (but not do without)

Essential Oil Helichrysum Italian

Latin name: Helichrysum italicum ssp. serotinum (Asteraceae)
Part used : Flowers
Active majority: neryl acetate, italidiones l, ll, lll


• The essential oil is a helichrysum antihématome (blue) the most powerful currently known: it will be used in case of internal and external bruising, even old ones.

• It is anticoagulant, antiphlébitique tonic and blood circulation: it will be used in case of phlebitis, paraphlebitis, varicose veins, erythrose, rosacea, stretch marks, arthritis, arthritis, Raynaud's disease.

• It is antiseptic, healing, and decongestant désclérosante tissue: it will be used to treat acne, hives, eczema, psoriasis, scars normal Dupuytren's contracture.

• The essential oil of Helichrysum is anti-inflammatory and analgesic: it will be used to treat rheumatism, pain, muscle contractures, Dupuytren's disease, sciatica, a femoral neuralgia and sprains.

Essential Oil - Precious But Rare

Whatever its origin, the essential oil derived from the immortal is very valuable because of its efficiency and its rarity. The flowers are hand-cut by some growers only at sites or small wild crops. Performance to produce the essential oil is an average of one percent. This corresponds to a liter of oil obtained for distilled hundred kilos of flowers! It should be noted that in addition to many sites where the implants helichrysum course are now destroyed due to fire, the advance of urbanization ... or looting by perfumers. The immortal is indeed a very aromatic plant, which provides a range of aromas ranging, depending on the species, from curry to chamomile. It is therefore better to turn to the essential oil of cypress that has the same properties, but the speed of action is less, due to the lower impact on biodiversity, because of its abundance.

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