Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hormonal Treatment Menopause

Hormonal treatment of menopause

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause given consistently lived. Place a limitation on measurement and based on the existence or absence of symptoms. The point for the latest research with a gynecologist in Paris.

Disputed benefits, risks demonstrated ... in 2002, the publication of a U.S. study called WHI (for Women's Health Initiative) was the effect of a thunderclap in the sky serene treatment of menopause. Since the results of European studies and French, have prompted health authorities to revise downwards the signs of hormonal treatment of menopause. But realistically, how should we react to treatment when a woman is menopausal?

Bladder Infection - Alternate Therapy

Testimonies from people online and elsewhere:

You are prone to recurrent bladder infections that for some reason. I have even because of the bladder and urinary tract infections and kidney problems encountered. My doctor advised me to plant to take preventive treatment for inflammation of the bladder and it works very well since I started these plants so far I have not inflammation of the bladder, while I was a simple monthly or Trinidad and Tobago 2 months. This plant also is the cranberry

Treatment with spinach

Amount of 100 ml of spinach juice with an equal amount of coconut water mixed twice daily is useful in the treatment of inflammation of the bladder.

Treatment with the lemon

Lemon is used as a treatment for bladder infections soothing. It should be mixed and a teaspoon of lemon juice with 180 ml of boiling water. After cooling, 60 ml of water every two hours between 08:00 noon and time taken.

Treatment with barley

Half a cup of boiled barley, mixed with yogurt, lemon juice, little treatment is excellent. It is useful for the treatment of inflammation of the bladder, and should be taken twice a day.

Deadsea Salt

To get natural relief from psoriasis and enzyme deadsea salt is the best option for the affected person. It infuses the skin with its essential properties of mineral making it soft and tender giving it a soothing effect. The mineral properties with its high contents has a very good effect on the skin thus making it soft and tender and the one indulging in a mineral bath will notice the difference in the skin leaving it soft and tender. Another amazing effect of deadsea salt is that it relieves joint as well as muscles ache and pains.