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Treatments Tailored

Menopause HRT treatment "Today, treatments are reserved primarily for women who suffer from menopausal problems, that is to say, hot flashes, joint pain, vaginal dryness, etc.., Summarizes Dr. Christian Jamin . They take him "some time", time disturbances, generally 4-5 years. And the ideal combination of an estrogen hormone is administered subcutaneously (patch or gel) which is added to natural progesterone (Utrogestan or one of its generic tablets). Another proposal experts, tibolone (Livial), a hormone replacement therapy alone, progestin and estrogen effects at a time, effective on hot heat and the bone without the disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy ( HRT) "classic" on the breast.

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause given consistently lived. Place a limitation on measurement and based on the existence or absence of symptoms. The point for the latest research with Dr. Christian Jamin, a gynecologist in Paris.

Disputed benefits, risks demonstrated ... in 2002, the publication of a U.S. study called WHI (for Women's Health Initiative) was the effect of a thunderclap in the sky serene treatment of menopause. Since the results of European studies and French, have prompted health authorities to revise downwards the signs of hormonal treatment of menopause. But realistically, how should we react to treatment when a woman is menopausal?

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Post Menopause or Menopause Confirmed

At menopause, hot flashes are detected in a large majority of women (two thirds or three quarters by the authors). This disorder is related to excessive stimulation of brain centers (hypothalamus), which control the operation of the ovaries to compensate for the lack of estrogen. And menopause is generally associated with an increased rate of cerebral origin of FSH and a collapse of estradiol. Hot flashes persist over 5 years with one in two women and more than 10 years with one in four women. Their intensity is variable, but some women are very embarrassed and will benefit from hormone replacement therapy involving estrogen and progestin.

After a few months or years of turbulence, hypothalamic dysfunction will stop, the brain levels of FSH had been reduced tenfold and the ovaries permanently stop producing any hormones. This is the post-menopause, lasting until the end of life. The risk of cardiovascular disease increases and can then settle osteoporosis, favored by the lack of estrogen. The skin tends to become less supple, drier and urinary problems may occur. All these symptoms, you should speak to your doctor because there is now effective treatments for relief.

After Stopping Rules

One day, the rules cease to become visible, but beware this is not always definitive. They can occur again after a very long interruptions, the cycles have become totally irregular. Even if you have more rules, your ovaries can also continue to produce estrogen for a year or two. If your doctor prescribes when a progestin for ten days a month, rings with the rules will rebecome visible. This means that you are not truly menopausal.

You'll really menopause and this will be confirmed when progestin treatment will never be followed by the become visibleance of rules, which means that the ovaries have stopped producing estrogen completely.


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Before Menopause, Perimenopause

MénopauseTémoignant of stopping the production of hormones by the ovaries, the onset of menopause is difficult to pinpoint because the cessation of ovarian activity is gradual. Menopause and is preceded by a period, which lasts on average 3 to 4 years, where the ovaries begin to function less well. We talk about perimenopause to characterize this phase of life that become visibles to women aged 47 on average, but sometimes much sooner.

During perimenopause, ovulation are worse, leading initially to a deficit in the production of progesterone, while estrogen secretion is preserved. The relative excess of estrogen relative to progesterone can cause swelling of the breasts or abdomen or weight gain. The rules also tend to become increasingly irregular over time.

When approaching fifty, estrogen production drops to turn and vaginal dryness and hot flashes may occur.

Menopause: at what age?

Each year, 400,000 women in France to reach the age of menopause and more than ten million postmenopausal women in our country. Some clinical and laboratory manifestations may suggest the arrival of this key stage of life. Discover them immediately.

Menopause is the cessation of ovarian function. In France, this phenomenon occurs at age 51 on average. But there are fluctuations from woman to woman and menopause can occur naturally between 40 and 55. It is generally put forward a year or two in heavy smokers. Genetic factors influencing the date of onset and found that the age of menopause is often the same from a mother to a daughter, but it is not mandatory. Unlike the age of puberty, age at menopause has changed little in decades and it is not modulated by the pill.

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