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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is based on two main principles of traditional Chinese medicine:

First principle of acupuncture: the "qi" (energy, breath) is divided into Yin and Yang. They symbolize two opposing parties exist in all phenomena and objects related to each other in the wild. Yin and Yang are complementary, opposed, and engender one another. One can not exist without the other. They are inseparable, like day and night, hot and cold, the men and women, etc..

The second principle of acupuncture is that the five elements. The universe is formed by the movement and transformation represented by five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This theory is used in traditional Chinese medicine to explain the physiology and pathology and the relationship between the organization and the surrounding environment.

The Principles of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a key discipline of traditional Chinese medicine. This alternative medicine is still mysterious.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees the human body as a dynamic movement where everything is harmonious and balanced if it is healthy.

If this movement is facing one or more obstacles (nutritional imbalance, trauma, climate condition, emotions ...) then appear the disease. Acupuncture, using fine needles, can re-circulate the energy and restore a smooth flow.

Acupuncture History Continue . . . .

Acupuncture was introduced to Europe in the seventeenth century by Willem Ten Rhyne, Dutch physician of the East India Company (1679) that would have discovered this alternative medicine in Nagasaki, Japan. Louis Berlioz, the composer's father, was the first attempt the practice of this traditional Chinese medicine in France (1810). But it was not until 1927 that acupuncture will become popular through the work of the French consul in China, George Soulie de Morant. He published on his return to France imposing a treaty that still refers to this day.

History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that are probably over 5000 years in Oriental countries and around the world.

The oldest written documents of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture were developed over several centuries and date from the Han period 200 BC to 220 AD. This is the Huangdi Neijing, "the canon (books) house of the Yellow Emperor." Over the centuries many other books have been written by Chinese doctors on this alternative medicine, but all are based on this initial text. Acupuncture has emerged gradually as the dominant treatment alternative medicine of systematic correspondences.

What is Acupunture ?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine, based on the manipulation and implantation of thin needles on specific points of the body for therapeutic purposes. Acupuncture views the body as a whole.

This traditional Chinese medicine is based on the existence of areas and points privileged skin, and the notion of positive energy and negative Yin Yang.

This is an alternative medicine to both natural and empirical. It is practiced in hospitals and private clinics in China, in parallel with Western medicine. Acupuncture has been practiced for many years in North America, Oceania and Europe.

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Magnetic Effects

Some people may experience immediate results with the magnetic therapy, others may take several days. According to clinical studies, 75-85% of patients experienced relief of their joint or muscle pain using magnetic therapy products.

Do not be discouraged if the first use is not satisfactory. Try to place the magnets in different ways, or combine several products to boost their magnetic effects (eg, bandage and gold-plated magnets, bedding and jewelry magnets ...). Each person is unique. The magnets will give you a real live better, and a renewed dynamism.

Magnet Therapy - Precaution

According to published studies, the use of magnets in magnet therapy has no side effects. However, for safety, it is best to consult your doctor in case of serious illness.

The use of magnets is cons-indicated for pregnant women, and pacemakers. If symptoms persist despite the care of magnet therapy, consult your doctor. In all cases, please refer to our terms of sale.

Application time: from hours to several weeks. It depends on the intensity, depth and length of pain and your own susceptibility to magnetic therapy. Leave the magnet in place day and night until no pain, and hand in case of recurrence of pain.

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Body Energy Balance

The magnets can be used for a full body energy balance and sleep well. This is the case for jewelry magnets, which can benefit from magnetic energy into long-term treatment, magnetic necklaces, bracelets, magnets. The use of magnetic therapy products such as jewelry in copper, crystal healing, magnet therapy and crystal healing related, can strengthen their activities for greater efficiency (hematite jewelry, magnetic insoles for foot reflexology ...).

Also for bedding, to help sleep and relieve joint and muscle pain, night after night, magnetic fields uniform distributed through high-quality fabrics and very comfortable. Aromatic plants and a system may be associated with static magnets, to help eliminate the stress of the day, and return to a restful sleep and wake up full of energy.

Magnetic Therapy Methods

Second method: Use the magnets in pairs, by applying to the skin a few inches from each other, one facing north and one facing south, on either side of the pain. Thus the combined effect of magnetic fields is increased and deeper.

Energy balance method: Place a magnet 24 mm on the palm of each hand or under your feet while sitting or lying down, North Pole in contact with the right hand or right foot and South Pole in contact with left hand or left foot. For good magnetic therapy, magnets keep for at least 15 minutes, to help you reduce stress and find peace and vitality.

Magnets magnetic therapy can also be placed in the unit on the points of reflexology or acupuncture to ease tensions and balance energies, or solar plexus to reduce stress and sleep well.

Getting Your Nursing Degree: Helpful Hints

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Use of Magnets in Magnetotherapy

In magnetic therapy, magnets can be placed on specific painful areas to relieve joint or muscle pain.

gold-plated magnetic therapy: After locating the painful area by pressure, place a magnet on a piece of tape and stick it on your skin clean and dry. The north face is marked by a hollow.

First method: The magnets can be placed at the unit on a specific pain, against the muscle and joint pain. Their effects are very dependent on the receptivity to the personal magnetic therapy. In this case we advise you to test the effect of a pole on the pain for a few days, and reverse the magnet so the effect obtained is not satisfactory.

Boosting Your Immune System, The Natural Defense

The last thing that any of us want is to get sick. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about getting a cold or if you are talking about getting some type of deadly disease, it really all starts with a breakdown of the immune system. That is why it is very important for you to make sure that you are taking care of your digestive health through supplementation, along with supporting it through the foods that you eat and the fluids that you drink. In many cases, however, it is going to start with the immune system supplements that you take.

You need to keep in mind that, out of all of the functions of the body, it is your immune system that provides one of the most basic defenses but unfortunately, it’s also one of the systems within the body that is easily overwhelmed. This is due to the lifestyle that many of us tend to lead, being stressed out on a regular basis, smoking, over-drinking, not getting enough sleep and even traveling. If you find that you are tiring regularly or even if you have gastrointestinal problems that could be a sign that you need to begin using digestive health supplements in order to give your body the boost it needs.

How much of these immune system supplements are you going to need? That really depends upon you as an individual. For many people, it is going to require supplementing to the point where you are increasing your health considerably and then going on a maintenance dosage. One thing is certain, once you begin to take care of your digestive health, you will see your entire life improve.

Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

These magnets are used in magnetic therapy jewelry except for a magnetic force in each link of 1200 Gauss at the skin.

These are ceramics made primarily from iron oxide (90%). Their persistence is the order of 3800 Gauss. These magnets are resistant to shocks, they are fitable for treatment with magnetic therapy natural substance in the longer term, or in combination with crystal healing.

Used in magnetic therapy in the bedding to sleep well, they induce a magnetic field soft and smooth. These magnets are made of a flexible plastic base laminated PVC or rubber, loaded with powder type magnetic ferrite. They are lightweight, soft, easy to use and particularly fitable for sleeping. Their persistence is about 2100 gauss.

The Magnetic Performance

In normal use, the magnetic performance of a magnet are eternal.

four types of magnets:

They are made from Neodymium, Iron and Boron. Their persistence is the order of 12,000 Gauss. These magnets are very powerful, allowing smaller sizes for magnetic jewelry. In magnetic therapy, they are fitable for spot treatment and short-term as magnetic braces. They help to relieve joint and muscle pain.

extremely powerful magnets, rare earth alloys and samarium. They are impervious to corrosion and high temperatures. They are for the miniaturization of the permanent magnet for cutting-edge technologies, they meet the quality requirements sought by craftsmen jewelers.

Instant Advance

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Magnetic Field Magnet

We selected a wide range of high quality and comfortable to enjoy the benefits of magnets for magnetic therapy. Good use of energy with magnetic therapy products magnetic therapy Epixen welfare can provide unexpected improvement in your quality of life, and find how to sleep well.

In magnetic therapy, two characteristics of the magnet are essential:

- The field in contact: it is the magnetic energy released by the magnet, it depends on its shape. It increases with the thickness of the magnet, and with the surface of the skin.

- The remanence (Br expressed in Gauss or Tesla 1 Tesla = 10000 Gauss approx): This value expresses its attraction. It depends on its components and its manufacturing method.

In Magnetic Therapy,

In magnetic therapy, these micro-currents in the brain will induce a greater production of endorphins, which lowers the level of pain felt. The magnetic therapy is a natural medicine that will get your body to react to its dysfunction.

The magnetic therapy is a medicine that acts on the energy balances and the sleep aid. The range of possibilities of magnetic therapy as non-conventional medicine is very broad. The current state of science does not now provide any scientific evidence on the effectiveness of magnetic therapy, but the magnets have been used for centuries in Asian countries.

The magnetic therapy is a valuable aid to relieve joint or muscle pain, reduce tension, help to sleep well and return well-being smooth.

Principle and Benefits of Magnetotherapy

Aurora's magnetic field

The magnetic therapy is a healing method that uses millennium the therapeutic use of a permanent magnetic field. The Chinese and Egyptians used magnetic therapy already 2000 years ago to relieve some diseases and as an aid to sleep. In Japan, the practice of magnetic therapy is officially licensed hospital by the Ministry of Health, as a method of natural treatment with no side effects.

Although he had no scientific studies recognized by conventional medicine, the work the magnetic therapy can be explained by the fact that in our body, all the electrons that travel fluids (blood, lymph ...), subject to magnetic field created by the application of permanent magnets, generate micro-currents (Ampere's law).

Earth's Magnetic Energy

We live in a magnetic environment resulting from earth, underground, springs, but also any interference of human origin. The northern lights are the most amazing events visible from the natural geomagnetic activity. However, it is increasingly disturbed by electromagnetic fields harmful to health (antennas, power ... son).
It is essential to find a harmonious energy balance with the magnetic therapy, sleep aid, relief of muscle and joint pain, or to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic fields.

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