Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yin Yang is born

At the top of the Yin Yang is born. Emerges at the top of the Yin Yang. Yin and Yang are relative. Thus, in the Yang, there is the Yin and Yang in the Yin there is the Yin and Yang. For example, in the movement of expansion which is the Yang, there are major expansions and small expansions. The vast expansion corresponds to the general Yang and small expansion corresponds to the small Yang.

When we start the Tai Chi Chuan, we see a bodily sensation during exercise. With slow movements and precise, we can feel this feeling fine, that we ignore in our daily lives. You may be wondering what is this feeling? Perhaps nothing but the pleasure of developing the finesse of our sensibility and also feel that our body lives. Personally, I remember the good feeling I had felt the first time in my back and the trunk of my body to make a single block, while my limbs moved independently.

The flow of "Ki"

When we respect the martial sense, movements begin to live and take power.

The flow of "Ki" (energy) becomes fluid. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the traffic flow of "Ki" with the distribution of nutritional energy throughout the body.

It increases strength and protects against threats from outside, as per example the hot and cold, moisture or dryness. By extension, one might think that Tai Chi Chuan also helps protect against viruses.

Another feature is the alternation of yin and yang in the movements. As one day is made up of the day and night, every movement of Tai Chi Chuan is composed of Yin and Yang. For example, the movement of Yin is shrinking body and movement Yang is expanding. It's also like our life with its ups and down, alternately. With the help of Tai Chi Chuan, this point becomes clear and obvious.

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Simple and Effective Method

Reiki uses this simple and effective method for treatment. When you ask your hands, Universal Energy, Reiki, moving the hands and body in two directions and the stagnation of the body will receive an empathic energy that helps the body to solve its stagnation.

This wonderful energy can be activated by the initiatives found there are about three quarters of a century.

If you are on your way to search for you or if you have small children, I urge you to be initiated as this could be very useful.

Reiki is Universal Energy

Reiki can support you and help in finding your way. Reiki is Universal Energy that everyone has. This energy can be activated with your love and you can send it to yourself or to others.

When you have a problem or concern, the energy of Reiki can help you solve them. The problem or concern is a result of the stagnation energy 'KI'. If one frees this stagnation, the problem can sometimes be solved alone. This energy flows or circulates through your body and also in all things of this world.
In Japan, we use the word 'TEATE' which means 'put his hand' for medical treatment in general as the cause, treatment was to touch the painful area.

Funny Photo

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