Saturday, September 17, 2011

The "Do"

The "Do" is the way or path. This path is the path of Kyudo, but it is also the path of life. The past and present bring us to the future. With the globalization of our daily lives, many things change faster than before. We may have lost the habit of a perfect thing, because new things happen and take place before we learned to perfect the first. Modern life asks us to be quick and efficient. Kyudo is an opportunity to improve one thing in depth. By repeating the same gestures, we are moving slowly in the path of Kyudo in the direction of perfection. This path is so long that there is no sense to want to stress to get faster. In addition, an advanced too quickly often leads to stagnation. With a good teacher and effort, we can move forward steadily.

Japanese Archery

Kyudo is Japanese archery. Kyudo the word is composed by the "Kyu" and "do". The "Kyu" means bow and "do" can be translated as "the way" or "the way". The Chinese word "Tao" uses the same character as the "Do".

In a ceremony Kyudo, there are two important elements. First is to shoot well, obviously. The second is the label of the shot, ie the protocol. We need to do Kyudo elegantly respecting others and place the shot. For the former, there is a sentence "Sheisha Hitteki" which means "with a shot right, the arrow still falls within the target." It looks very ordinary and simple but if we consider the difficulty, in general, to put the arrow in the target, then it takes a lot of sense. It invites us to try harder.


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