Saturday, October 8, 2011

How is your energy from ?

If we analyze the word, "O" is a word of honor, "GENKI" comes from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and KI means original. "DESUKA" is the word used for polling. So you ask "how is your energy from." Another example, when you feel good, we say "KI MOCHI GA II". The analysis of words is as follows. The "Kimochi" can be translated as feeling and sensation. But literally, "ugly" is held, so it's holding the KI. The "GA II" can be translated as "going well". So it means you feel good. Yet another example, to attract attention, they say "KI WO TSUKERU". The word "WO" indicates that the word is placed just before an object in the sentence, "TSUKERU" means "to put". So "put the KI" means "to attention." Include a lot of examples. We do a lot more attention to the word KI in everyday life in the Japanese language as it is everywhere. It is like air.

Online Casinos

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