Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Surely in the Universe

Surely in the universe, there is also the KI. With such beautiful images of galaxies and other objects in the universe, I believe that the KI is everywhere in the Universe: More than anything, I would say that the places where there is KI, the galaxies and stars are formed.

The KI is the source of movement. Where there is movement, there is life. The movement is change. So the KI promotes change. It should not be afraid of change because it is the definition of life itself. When one dies, the body does not move, the silence settles in the body. But this body is not moving will change

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The KI

Many Japanese believe they know what the KI because it is used very often. But when asked to explain the KI, which most people will hesitate or be difficult to explain. They know from experience it is difficult to explain with words. For me it was the same. Now it's a little better, but I do not fully understand what the KI. I feel as if I understood perfectly the KI, I would be a great therapist.

The KI is circulating in the human body and the bodies of animals. According to Feng Sui, KI flows through the earth as well.

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