Thursday, October 27, 2011

Massaging the Back

When massaging the back, chest or buttocks, the masseur's hands patting said parts of the body. The action of any type with the palm is called tapping and typing with one fist, the hammer.

During the meeting, if the masseur takes all the manipulations listed so far (except the intensive kneading at the first meeting) is that it does a respectable job. If he does only half, and more softly, this amounts to botch.

For the vibration, the masseur is especially use his hands, for which we can appeal to the electric massage. There is a wide range of instruments for electric massage, ranging from small devices to be used for the finest massage joints and face up to machines with the size and weight of an iron. Massage using equipment is an ideal complement for hands, and his practice is not considered evidence of sloppy.

Outside of massage "classic", there are many versions of "unconventional", among which I will mention a few.

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Single Process But,

Vibration is not a single process but a set of manipulations. Generally known as the vibration produced by the hands of a masseur on body tissues. The hand can stay anywhere on the body (stable vibration), as it may change places. The jerking motion is effective for massaging the belly, the hand moving as if to pass the flour through a sieve. By increasing intestinal peristalsis, the process removes constipation.

During the massage a member, the therapist shakes leg or arm as if dusted off a mat. This manipulation is practiced in case of poor circulation or in order to strengthen the joints and massage for athletes.

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