Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feed The Hair

Rinse in cold water spray thoroughly to eliminate all the shampoo and the end add a few drops of vinegar or lemon in the rinse water to refresh hair and get rid of dandruff

Untangling dry hair care conditioner by a strand by strand, starting with the tips and then go back to the roots, preferably before the shampoo

Dry air is the best moyen. Sinon, wrap hair in a towel and dab patients. Avoid using the dryer if not try to reduce the temperature progressively and away from the head

Brush your hair daily can get rid of dead skin cells and to aerate the scalp
Brush your hair before bed stimulates blood circulation and regrowth
Do not tie your hair before sleep let the breath
For beautiful hair it is advisable to cut and remove split ends every 2 months
To feed the hair is the key to successful treatment:

- You have to eat a balanced, rich in vitamins and iron and drink water

- Then "feed" and shine the hair and massage gently to the scalp with oils such rewarding: the olive oil and almond oil after a good brushing.

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