Saturday, December 24, 2011

Theory of Traditional

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine says that the disease is the result of a blockage of the flow of KI in the body. That is understandable. KI is the flow of life. If life is stagnant, the disease appear. To regain the flow of KI, the traditional Chinese therapies were invented. The ancient book of Chinese medicine "SO MY" (Su Wen in China) said that several therapies have arisen because the ways of living had summer places in diverse habitats. The "moxabustion" came from the North. The "moxabustion" is a method that uses heat from a small amount of dried mugwort burned directly or indirectly on poverty. In the north it is cold and people eat much meat. The warmth of "moxa" burned good. The operation to remove excess blood and stagnant came from the East.


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