Friday, June 1, 2012

Dangers of piercing as it passes the oral

Lips, cheeks and even language, everything is up for piercing. But between the love of body-art "and stay healthy, it may be able to choose. For the piercing of the tongue or body parts around the mouth is not without its dangers ...

The piercing is fashionable. It is no longer a body area that escapes him, the most common: ears, nose ... the less classic nipples, sex ... In the United States, and to a lesser extent Europe, it has become commonplace in some circles of piercing the tongue, uvula, lips or cheeks. Beware though. Not only does this practice exposes the usual problems of body piercing, when it is not practiced good hygiene: possible transmission of hepatitis B or C through blood or, worse, an infection HIV, but it also poses risks for very specific.

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