Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monoclonal Antibodies to Lymphocytes

Monoclonal antibodies to lymphocytes (or against some subtypes of lymphocytes)
Antibodies are specific antibodies very, which can be directed against specific molecules selectively (for example, produced by the cells or molecules against only certain subgroups of lymphocytes). This makes them a tool to induce immune selective.

This treatment produced a deep drain lymphocytes, and warned of the overall appearance of new lesions on MRI. Interestingly, it was observed with a longer clinical deterioration of the situation in a large proportion of patients, despite the absence of new lesions, complex also induced hyperthyroidism in about one-third of patients.

In a Phase II study, we have monoclonal anti-CD4 fictional administration to reduce the number of CD4 +, but this intervention had no effect on the disease as measured by magnetic resonance imaging.

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