Monday, December 3, 2012

Activity of the Disease,

Phase II studies (sample of 213 patients maximum) showed that relapse in MS, and monthly natalizumab injection given IV over a period of up to six months, and well-tolerated, and inhibits the activity of the disease, according to the (primary endpoint) MRI and reduces the frequency of relapses . Designed large Phase III trial to confirm the efficacy and safety of monthly management fourth natalizumab, either as a single therapy in combination with interferon beta.

Recent studies suggest that the beneficial effects of steroids and interferon beta in MS may be at least partly related to a reduction in the activity of certain MMPs and stimulating the production of tissue inhibitors MMPs. Also proved that MMP inhibitors effectively suppress EAE.

Can also manage future studies and nerve agents or molecules that renews axles, and the establishment of growth factors, and the proliferation and survival of oligodendrocytes (the cells that produce myelin) focus on stimulating the production of cell transplantation and myelin (for example, neural stem cells).

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