Saturday, December 29, 2012

Risk of bacterial or viral infection

Ways to reduce the risk of bacterial or viral infection

When traveling on a plane when someone close to you cough or sneeze, to be put to Dr.  this week to propose to wear a mask. If possible, try to go to the sites in the plane, if the person refuses. Survey folding tables, and buttons with a disinfectant cloth arm.

Wear a pair of socks or socks at the airport. If shoes to go through security, and put socks. Transfer germs on the floor with your feet. Many airports now offer socks for travelers.

Stay away from the crowds, and this is another way to reduce the risk of bacterial or viral infection. Many people these days are handshake to avoid. If this is unavoidable should, or wash your hands washed with disinfectant gel as soon as possible.

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