Sunday, January 15, 2012

What are These Ingredients ?

Olive oil, cereals, fresh or dried fruit, vegetables, meat and especially the white meat, cheese, fish and shellfish, spices finally with special seasonings.
What are the characteristics of this practice food? And what are the benefits of this plan?

Thanks to several scientific studies and analytical, it was found that the Cretan diet or Mediterranean reduces cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and mortality.

"The Mediterranean diet has taken its place high in practice the healthiest food and advised in the world"

Mediterranean diet is not vegetarian but a way of cooking rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and omega 3 and low in animal fat and sugar quickly, which allows proper digestion. In addition, meals Mediterranean are characterized by collective consumption, they are social moments, or the fact of "eating and sharing food" is a pleasure.
A steady eating habit and respected in time and space belong to the list of customs of each country and that is passed carefully from one generation to another.
Almost regular consumption of dates, almonds, walnuts and other dried fruit provides a high-energy intake.

Mediterranean Diet

The Diet Leader

The diet of Mediterranean countries is becoming more and more lifestyle most scientifically recommended due to its richness and balance that offer greater hope of vie.En What is this plan? What is its impact on our organization? Does it have a role in diseases and their prejudices?

Countries around the Mediterranean Sea essentially "Morocco, Italy, Greece and Spain" are characterized by daily consumption of various foods whose ingredients are the same. These are the secret ingredients that make this plan also called "Mediterranean diet" *.

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