Saturday, January 21, 2012

Acne and Pregnancy

Contrary to what many people think, acne is not only in adolescence, but at other times of life as well, such as pregnancy. If this is the case, it is important to choose the treatment with no negative consequences for your child.

Acne and hormonal changes during pregnancy

It is true that acne is a skin disease found, especially among young people. Acne can occur at any time of life, can also have acne due to hormonal changes. This is also cause acne during pregnancy explains on her face and chest or other parts of the body. Many women with acne during pregnancy. Acne in pregnancy is a pregnancy, because it is the period which corresponds to the hormonal changes which is great. In fact, during pregnancy, there is a significant increase in the amount of this hormone, the reason that the abundance of subsequent production of sebum, the main factor is responsible for the occurrence of acne. With strong secretion of sebum, clogging pores easily show pimples and acne

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Natural remedy for acne spots

Natural remedy for brown spots and several means are available. Elements of the oil is very appropriate treatment. This oil, as a result of the removal of vitamin E in the high, and these corrections. The only drawback is the duration of the work. In fact, for this type of treatment, the spots do not disappear even after a month of application. During this treatment, you should not be exposed to the sun or with sun block, because the same phenomenon again.

Laser treatment of acne spots

Laser treatment is the most effective solution for acne brown spots. In fact, the goal of treatment is to grind the game with a point on the face and other parts of the body. Laser treatment to remove the bright spots of light setup on the part where she is. It should be noted that this type of treatment is very effective and reliable and has few side effects.

Patches of acne treatment with creams

One way to treat acne and dark spots are also a sunscreen. There are many that are made for the treatment of brown spots. However, these creams do not completely eliminate the functions that inhibit their own. Addition to reducing creams, and taxes on the skin so evenly and prevent the emergence of a new job to work.

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