Monday, February 20, 2012

The Climbing

The climbing can be practiced by everyone, without distinction of sex or age. For children, however, it is recommended not to start before the age of six. In general, suitable for holding a session of rock climbing is composed of a T-shirt, comfortable pants and appropriate footwear. For the latter, it is more precisely booties, designed to catch and stick to the surface. Beyond that, a good climber must be equipped with harness, rope, carabiners, a bag or pof also magnesia, and finally a descender and a lanyard. To protect themselves from potential falls, always wear a helmet.

Rock climbing, a real asset health

This sport is to move on a vertical surface is beneficial for both body and mind. On the physical level, climbing makes steel arms and legs well tapered. These body parts are sought throughout the evolution in height, the muscles work continuously. In addition, climbing strengthens the back and the lap belt. Ongoing efforts that are working these muscles ensure balance. Finally, hands and feet, especially fingers and toes, become robust. Mentally, the sport helps to build self-confidence and above all, always go beyond its limits.

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