Monday, February 27, 2012

We must take it seriously, but not dramatic

How to React?

Wait until you are calm and composed to address the issue with your teen. "We must take it seriously, but not dramatic, . This is not the time to accuse or judge, but to make your concerns by talking to the "I". "

If you disagree with its consumption, tell him. "Your authority ends there," notes the speaker. Your teen will do well what he wants from what you say, but remember that your words way across his head. He knows your position and your attitude about drugs. "Be consistent," he insists. Know what you want to impose limits. Ask yourself if your rules are clear. You do not put your teen consumes at home? Make it clear what that will arise from any waiver. "The idea is to make it accountable for its behaviors,"

Talk with a health Professional

You can:

* Send an anonymous letter if you're really too bothered.

* Take the person aside, in a place where you feel at ease and tell him. If you feel embarrassed, you can prepare yourself before doing so, it helps.

* If you do not want to face the person, there's always the telephone or Internet ... it's a little less personal but the important thing is that the person to know.

* You can also talk with a health professional ... they can offer you solutions and help to find the words. For example, they can apply to management of public health to take care to warn the person. They will not tell whence comes the information but simply that this person should be treated.

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How to be smart and talk about ...?

Not easy to say I have an STI ... then maybe you did ... pass me the salt please!

If you feel too embarrassed to tell your, your or your partner, you can take steps that will help you find the words to speak. Tell yourself that you appreciate it until you are told if the reverse occurs.

True, it's not easy to accept that we have an STI. It's disappointing, frustrating, guilt. But you're not alone in this story, caresses share the responsibilities as well. Warning tone, your or your partner, you prevent others from being infected.

How to catch them and do we know if we have one ?

STIs or STDs easily spread during unprotected sex. This occurs when you have oral sex, vaginal or anal intercourse with an infected person without using condoms. Or by sharing sex toys with that person.

You can not catch an STD by sitting on a toilet seat or in a pool.

But you can catch more than once most STIs, even if you have been treated. This is true for warts and HPV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis.

Many young people who have an STI have no symptoms. In fact, for many STIs, there are up to 50% of infected people who have no symptoms. So they do not know they have an STI until they discovered during a medical examination with tests. So they can pass their infection to their partners unknowingly.

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