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Instructions and Warnings

In short, the hot mud continues to cause vasodilation large and deep surface. All this can be for the patient to feel nice and painkillers. With such treatments, spa guests who do not fall prey to a feeling of fullness total.

Instructions and warnings against mud treatment

People who are encouraged to consider osteoporosis hyperalgesic of his office to deal with treatment with mud. It is also indicated for the treatment of mud therapy shock the muscles and bones. This treatment is also effective for irritable bowel syndrome, which is accompanied by easing constipation.

It is to be avoided, with hot mud on the wound on the legs with varicose veins. It should be someone with heart or respiratory failure also to refrain from resorting to treatment with mud.

How mud therapy works ?

Through the mud treatment meetings, and local applications processor wraps or local (one or more areas of the body). We will not fail to note that can be used as vases and sediments. Depending on the type of treatment, and treatment needs of customers, and mud therapy session lasts 15 minutes. Note that the treatment that lasts longer than 15 minutes to have less effect because of the mud loses heat and less effective.

In all cases the results were immediate. In fact, the patient feels his muscles and joints to ease. Besides trading, will be improved. With respect to the poison, and bodies to get rid of the impact of excessive sweating. Through these results relaxants mud treatment on those suffering from pain in the muscles and feel better than that.

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Hot Mud Bath,

treat a wide range of "wellness." Among the options available to treat this form of mud organizations to provide treatment which is based on the use of hot mud baths.

Different types of mud baths

Mud therapy uses different types of mud baths, to achieve the desired effects of the visitors to the spa. First, there is no mud with some micro-organisms such as algae and benefactors single cell. Then there is the mud as they prepare as well as mud treatment session takes place. This type of mud often with metal clay, the essence was extracted and mixed with made of mineral water. In this case, the substrates used Kaolinite, montmorillonite or smectite is.

Regulate body temperature problems

For the removal of mud, and use a damp sponge first in warm water and carefully remove them after all, you coat moist and absorbent, which led to the elimination of toxins and bacteria.

It will also regulate body temperature problems, and serve as a blood purifier which is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

The recommended treatment for the use of clay as a treatment not only beauty but also for the people, and circulatory problems, and even for those who are vulnerable to stress. In addition, it burns, arthritis, back pain, and honor to fight for desalination of sea water.

CAUTION: Before you'll have mud or any other type of products, in contact with the skin, certain precautions must be taken as a specialist for any doubts. And if you even remember what kind of treatment (for example, a face mask), and the fact that it is essential to apply moisturizer to the right, as clay tends to dry out the skin significantly.

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Clay-Based Therapy

With new powers, and will be the adoption of anti-inflammatory and cleansing, this method of clay-based therapy, many women and men.

This has become a treatment with mud and volcanic mud treatment, more and more followers every day, calling on more and more popular by the day, but it should be some evidence before this treatment can be considered:

- First, it is important to clean and exfoliate your skin with a loofah
- Do not use metal or plastic for the preparation, as it applies to mud.
- Always use bottled water at room temperature to produce a mixture
- Product must be at least half an hour to get the positive effects.

Also apply a thick layer, and occurs when the mud dries, the skin starts to pull over and feel uncomfortable. To the problem of the region with a few drops of water or spray can to solve wet.

Mud is an ancient technique

Mud is an ancient technique, which we use even today by the body and facial treatments. There are thousands of years and the Egyptians were usually of the skin covered with a layer of mud.

Also rich in minerals such as iron, silicon, titanium, sodium, potassium, and mud on the effect of disinfectant for bacteria, but also renewable.

In addition to a significant contribution to cell turnover, thanks to the composition of sand, it gently exfoliates the skin. According to the purity of the Mud, and can vary in color. White clay is used for sensitive skin, and uses the color red in the case of dry skin, and green has a feed and renew.

Dermatologists and aestheticians use of mud therapy in the treatment of deep cleaning, as well as to combat acne problems.

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