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Thalassotherapy and spas, health centers and the benefits of this relaxation

Alternative medicine: a health center and spa centers

Have the same appeal to treat or alleviate at least. They use the same basic element, and water. Centers have essentially the same equipment and similar facilities. It is only as good as relaxing tonics. The so-called soft in medicine.
Similarities and differences between the spa and thalassotherapy center

But thalassotherapy spa, the similarity is clear, are in fact two different types of water treatment, despite the fact that most people consider it to be similar treatments.

What is the one who stands in fact on the other?


Spa Massage by the flow of water or gas under pressure, and contains a bathroom with hot sea water of 34) at 37 ° C, which promotes blood circulation, and reduce or eliminate seizures by warming the muscles and relieves pain.

And this gas can be used:

Air: and so the cycle is activated (can be heated air or not, to further enhance the effect of toning).

Carbon dioxide: they relax and bathrooms, and has a calming effect.

Main effects of the pools in the body causing vasodilation and skin tissue penetration of metal to avoid constriction of blood vessels.

Sessions should not exceed 15 minutes so as not to saturate the body.

Heated Gloves

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This treatment is to breathe an atmosphere of small drops of sea water saturated

It combines the mist of sea water and essential oils of camphor with negative ionization in order to stimulate the respiratory system and reach the nasal mucosa.

And by artificial aerosol generators of plastic, which emits particles load electric nylon filter that can be installed to get the mucous membrane of the respiratory system.

It is effective against chronic nasal pharyngitis, sinusitis, and tobacco as part of the treatment.


Therapeutic care and the stability of anti-cellulite-based hot compresses (algae and mud), and ionization.

Algonisation and consists of broadcasting an electrical current treatment areas that were covered in the past with Bush from the sea mud and algae.

And, in fact, thanks to the Ionithermie algonisation and harden the muscles, and active vasodilation and sweating, and overcome, and the defenses of cellulite.

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Under the Guidance

Under the guidance of a physiotherapist or qualified instructor, and a way to get the process, thanks to the temperature of gravity and water, bring to issue any arrest in the line - especially for the elderly - to facilitate the movement and flexibility, mobility, and a sign of youth to connect again.

As in land-based activities, there are four main categories of courses:

Classes on the basis of strength training,
Through the respiratory system, heart disease,
Tuition muscle and fitness combined with heart and respiratory system,
Courses in certain subjects, its implications and could focus more received medical and / or more to relax and the mind.

(Not recommended without this, because children do not want to go) and a variety of full, effective and certainly more fun for all ages from young people, water and exercise is the extent of any and all!

Water Aerobics

Mass gymnastics and swimming in the sea water at 34 degrees Celsius.

Implementation of the land of fitness has a water aerobics, the Center for Aquatic floating him pure, or it is necessary that we finally courses in the shallow water is more fun with music, and an amendment in the tanks, as we walk, where "swimming" is no longer necessary, with warm water.

This is the revolution of the great boom to let the water aerobics for 10 years, and a variety of options in the content of the session, although they are sometimes the names of the business more effectively.

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This treatment involves stimulating reflex zones in the ear (without injection), and in particular in the context of smoking cessation therapies are recommended.

Auriculotherapy method is used for centuries to treat various diseases in humans. It involves stimulating certain points in the ear, and can sometimes lead to surprising results.

On the extent of the disease, which can be maintained well, and very broad, ranging from high blood pressure and diabetes through a variety of other pain.


Application of seaweed in the form of hot local envelopes, applications, and bathrooms. When the algae is very moisturizing, they are working to improve the passage of trace elements through the skin.

To be assembled first and algae, and rockweed and Tang at the bottom of the sea and the earth, then accurately. Finally, they are heated, but not more than 50 ° C, they lose all their property.

The demand for "cream" in a thin layer on the back and may spread to the joints of a given. Client's treatment at the temperature for the duration of the treatment under the protection of plastic film, and an electric blanket or in the form of infrared slope preservation.

Seaweed treatment is to fight for skin problems, it is recommended rheumatism, fatigue and aging (such as a face mask).

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