Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sauna or steam baths

In addition to the sauna or steam baths, they also have gyms that are used to strengthen muscles. And use elements such as marine algae and therapists and alarm and true to the circulation or in the joints, under wraps and massages. The mud baths are among the most important treatment. Whether they are problems of circulation, joints and respiratory care for them and some terms of reference centers. To combat stress and combat fatigue is. The resort also flies to save the beauty of the skin with scrubs and cleansers and toners nourishing masks. Even have in the battle against obesity, with the restructuring of the silhouette.

Thalassa thalassotherapy

Is a combination of two Greek words to form the name Thalassa thalassotherapy therapeuein the meaning of the sea, they care. Thalassotherapy is the simultaneous use of air, sea, sea and the elements contained in sea water, to get care in the various treatments. Must be built on the site by sea and is drained in the open sea at a temperature of 32 degrees and complied C with modern facilities, heated swimming pool and massage under the water, hydro jet, and sea routes, such as centers of thalassotherapy provide all the necessary conditions for good relaxation and an ideal solution.


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