Saturday, May 5, 2012

Abhyanga massage practice

Abhyanga massage works on anatomy, energy, and that is provided is in the form of the seven energy centers (chakras) and 14 common energy policy (Nadis) with 107 points (Marma) on the bones, muscles and joints. Prana Marma which led to the steady pulse, irregular heartbeat, and points to a shortage. To stimulate the flow of energy, and pulse the processor a circular lead with his thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and feet on this Marma. This work in the field of energy in the body and rub off on the spirit and the physical and mental. On the physical level, this practice improves blood circulation, improve digestion, promote vital energy and strengthens the immune system and relaxes the joints, strengthens muscles, and skin of impurities and fights fatigue. Experienced psychologically, as well as to reduce stress, stimulate concentration and emotional management. Open spiritually, she hopes to double the energy of the chakras. And provides a link between mind and nature by restoring the harmony of procedure.

What is Abhyanga Massage?

Abhyanga massage, spa massage

Stimulate the Marma and your important points with massage oils, you get a constitution of iron and vitality to meet. It is also a spa experience with incredible Abhyanga massage.

It was discovered in India over 5,000 years, is the Abhyanga massage is a discipline that improves the general health of the individual, and then the well-being. This is a branch of Ayurvedic holistic massage the best way to recognize the vital energy or prana to balance in the body. According to Indian philosophy, is the health of individuals in the three "Dochass" beta, kava, and Dada, who suggested the interaction, based on the stability of the flow of prana. To return to balance and harmonize the energy flow of life, and the physician is on the Marma, a very sensitive nerve centers in the body. Abhyanga massage combining manual techniques and the benefits of herbs and essential oils, and treatment of diseases and imbalances. The varied use of oils in each session, and the literal meaning of Abhyanga (oil massage in the whole body), massage and exercises throughout the body.

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