Friday, June 1, 2012

Insist cleanliness

Also, if dental problem, the diagnosis is made more difficult because the jewelry may hinder its presence radiographs. It may be necessary to remove it.

Finally, note that the reckless dare yet to venture into, it happens that the language is the seat of a small hole when you remove the jewelry. What is not always pretty, pretty, admit it!

Insist cleanliness

In reality, it would be prudent to abandon the piercing in this area, so fragile, body. For those who can not resist the charms of this mode, recommend at least some common sense advice. Verify that the person with whom you are going to do the piercing and this gesture is used to require that equipment be disinfected, preferably by autoclaving, before insertion. That's the minimum!

Pierce - A major risk of infection

Certainly, no one yet seems to have died of this cause. But if we are to believe the spokesman of the ADA, this possibility can not be eliminated.

A major risk of infection

To this must be added the problem of infections, even more acute than for other parts of the body. The mouth naturally containing many bacteria, various infections can indeed develop if the jewelry has not been disinfected prior to installation. Infection extending to the mandible and around the mouth has been detected in a patient 25 who had had his tongue pierced. He had to be intubated, and then made *.

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Potential problems of bleeding or asphyxia

Oral Piercing: Out of danger pain and swelling that can result when the jewel is not tolerated, an increase in unpleasant salivary flow can be observed, even the development of a hypersensitivity or allergy to metal. Sometimes, the device also modifies speech abilities chewing and swallowing and may lead to the formation of scar tissue or damaging the nerves of the tongue. Finally, trauma may occur in the teeth, either during insertion or during a one bite if it is mistakenly directed against the jewel.
Two risks have reacted the American Dental Association (ADA), which has stated on numerous occasions his opposition to oral piercing:

* Firstly, the possibility of airway obstruction in relation to the swelling of the throat or inhalation of jewelry;
* Second, the occurrence of serious bleeding secondary to a section of arteries supplying the language, because this muscle is richly vascularized.

Dangers of piercing as it passes the oral

Lips, cheeks and even language, everything is up for piercing. But between the love of body-art "and stay healthy, it may be able to choose. For the piercing of the tongue or body parts around the mouth is not without its dangers ...

The piercing is fashionable. It is no longer a body area that escapes him, the most common: ears, nose ... the less classic nipples, sex ... In the United States, and to a lesser extent Europe, it has become commonplace in some circles of piercing the tongue, uvula, lips or cheeks. Beware though. Not only does this practice exposes the usual problems of body piercing, when it is not practiced good hygiene: possible transmission of hepatitis B or C through blood or, worse, an infection HIV, but it also poses risks for very specific.

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