Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is the pill expensive ?

How do I get a pill?

The pill is taken only on prescription and an appointment with a general practitioner or gynecologist is necessary to do the prescribing.
The doctor will choose the pill with you that fits you better on hormones, that is to say at the doses and types of hormones contained in the tablets.

Pill, what benefits?

The benefits of the pill, are primarily effective. If it is taken daily and fixed time, its effectiveness is very high.

Which pill to choose?

It is your physician based on the questions he will ask you to choose a particular type of pill for you. A prior, one that would best suit you. There are many pills. If you observe side effects that bothers you, you must talk to your doctor rather than to stop all alone overnight. It is he who can prescribe another worry. Better to try and find one that suits you best!

The pill is expensive?

Some pills are reimbursed by social security but not all. There are, however, not reimbursed for the pills, generic drugs that cost less and have exactly the same effects. On the other hand, the pill, it's simple and convenient, this is not seen at the time of intercourse!

Pill, what disadvantages?

Disadvantages also exist. For a girl head in the air that is easily forgotten, the pill is no longer so sure. If we forget that for over 12, you are no longer protected. And some people do not like the idea of swallowing a medication every day. And in some cases the pill may be inadvisable for some health problems (high cholesterol, history of stroke or phlebitis, diabetes ...)
So you need a regular medical follow, as when one takes a medication.

The conventional low dose pill

The contraceptive pill is the best known and most used. Not everyone knows it yet not so well, especially early in his sex life. So what should I know about the pill?

The pill is hormones

It is a contraceptive tablets containing hormones. These hormones have the primary function of blocking ovulation. If ovulation is blocked, the sperm can not fertilize any egg and it thus prevents pregnancy.

What pace to take the pills?

The pill is taken daily at the same time and that for 21 days, which corresponds to a wafer. Is then an interruption of 7 days, and then at 28th day, we begin a second wafer.

The first time I started when?

The first time you take the pill, start the first pack on the first day of menstruation. Classically, it must wait for her period to start the pill.

Spray Tanning

With great achievement done in the field of science, individuals can now find solutions to any issues in life. Some may look forward to have a good tan under the sun and in places where sun tan seems scarce; we have professionals well versed in their services for spray tanning done with their remarkable skills. Spray tan can give an individual the desired look without any type of skin damage and helps them to attain the look they may desire, without the need of basking in the sun and which is achieved in a short span of time. The process is a very simple one, wherein the individual gets a full coverage of an even tan done without the worry of shading or smearing.

Moreover it gives the individual a natural look which looks similar to a tan which has been achieved from weeks under the sun. It’s a smart solution for those who would prefer to obtain a natural tan without waiting for the sun to work on the desired shade of tan and which also save on the time in getting the desired shade of tan within a few minutes. Professionals trained in this skill are readily available to cater to the needs of spray tanning and can be contacted online and users can avail their services when needed.
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Adverse Effects on Cholesterol

If dieting rebounds by weight, the weight rises slowly but surely, the rate of "good" cholesterol, them, follow suit, but down ...

The data published in the Journal of the serious American College of Cardiology from a study conducted on 485 women, 130 had a history of "yo-yo" weight (19% of women had at least three times in their lives oscillations in weight between 4.5 and 8.5 kg, 6% between 9 and 22 kg and 2% over 22 kg.). All were under examination for chest pain suggesting coronary artery disease (fatty deposits narrowing of coronary arteries nourishing the heart). On average, the "women yo-yo" had a rate of "good" cholesterol decreased by 7% compared to those with stable weight. On the other hand, larger women were also those who had weight changes of the largest and had the lowest levels of good cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, considered to play an important cardioprotective role.

And risk of cardiovascular disease potentially increased

If the mean difference in HDL cholesterol is minimal here (- 7%, 4 mg / dl), it still represents a risk factor for cardiovascular significant. There is an inverse relationship between the concentration of HDL-cholesterol and the incidence of cardiovascular complications.

This study does not allow to conclude a direct causal link between the "yo-yo" weight and CHD. It would, therefore necessary to follow a larger number of women on a time probably long enough, the arteries "fouling" fortunately slowly.

Dangerous For The Heart

The succession of phases of loss and weight gain can sometimes be associated with depressive disorders. It now appears that this syndrome "yoyo" also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The "yo-yo" weight is a common phenomenon among women still in search of a thin ideal. But generally, the successive periods of diets are less effective and at each stop of the plan, weight regain is increasingly important. A recent U.S. study * shows that also leads to lower "good" cholesterol, which is opposed to the fatty deposits in the arteries and protects against cardiovascular disease.
The consequence of a succession of restrictive diets are too strict

If you "starve" the body adapts by reducing energy expenditure metabolism. Somehow, he learned to operate in "economic". Where the body is again sufficiently powered, there is no immediate resumption of energy expenditure but some careful storage reserves in preparation for further periods "lean". Hence the inevitable weight gain immediately after cessation of the scheme, especially as the hardships have been so frustrating that people begin to eating anything.

Buy Modafinil

Medication to treat every disorder is now made available to the user through the internet which can be done with ease and comfort and one can also have a ready stock of the much needed medication. People working on rotating shifts may be prone to sleep disorder and many a times tend to feel sleepy at odd hours. Modafinil is the medication that enables an individual to stay awake especially if at work and one can buy modafinil from online stores which are delivered to the individual at their choice of address. Since modafinil is the most effective analeptic drug in the market and with many call centers operating in rotating shifts, most of the users are opting for this medication which helps them to keep awake, alert and focused in their activities.

The system of purchasing this mediation is an easy process wherein the need of a prescription is not required unlike other medication which may need the prescription of a physician. This medication is used for sleep disorder and narcolepsy and those having any type of allergy should check for any skin rashes and consult their physician without much delay. The dosage of modafinil for an average adult is 200mg orally once a day while elders and people with low tolerance should take a smaller dose. Doctors advise their patients to take modafinil at the appropriate them and avoid taking it late during the day to avoid having a sleepless night. Users should brief themselves with the knowledge of this medication before purchasing it and save themselves of any reactions if any, with the usage of this medication.