Thursday, June 7, 2012

Contraception and the first time

Your many contributions to our very large investigation 1st time we have to sneak a look under your duvet. Thank you to everyone who responded! And for others, the survey continues, appointments on the home! So, what precautions vis-à-vis contraception have you taken or do you take for the 1st time? Fairly well prepared, picks it up, stressed or relaxed? Check it out here!

Yellow jersey for the hood!

Leading the race (and why we congratulate you!) Is the condom! Used by almost 80% of you (boys and girls) at the first time, it protects not only the risk of pregnancy but also the risks of STIs! A big congratulations to the 80% who have captured well the lesson of. As for the remaining 20%, we do not on their fingers will type, but they still remember they made a mega risk: is he having a baby, which is to nab an STI, or even both.

Not seen not taken!

Is emergency contraception reliable ?

5 - The pill causes she reduced fertility of women after stopping?

No. The pill does not reduce fertility. A woman who took the pill, even years, is as fertile as any other. However, it is natural that often their first cycle without pill is not 28 days, ovulation putting a little time to restart after stopping the pill.

6 - Emergency contraception is reliable? What if it exceeds 12?

Emergency contraception is useful but it is a catch-up contraception, emergency contraception not to be chosen for its effectiveness. It can take up to 72 hours after intercourse at risk, even if its effectiveness diminishes more and more. In any case, if you have more than 3 days late period, you should absolutely do a pregnancy test. And then, one must also consider appropriate preventive contraception (such as the pill, IUD ...) so as not to risk a new pregnancy.

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The Pill is Effective

3 - The Pill is effective immediately or she must wait a few days and continue to protect themselves?

If you start a pack on the first day of your period, the pill is effective immediately. Same when, after 7 days off between the two plates you resume. It must be, of course, without forgetting. If you take the pill "quick-start", that is to say, if you start on the day of presentation without waiting for your period, it will be effective only after 8 days. For 7 days, avoid sex or use condoms.

4 - When you take the pill, from how long can you leave out the hood?

The pill is a contraceptive method, it avoids a pregnancy as soon as you take it.
The condom is a contraceptive and it also prevents the transmission of infections or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as herpes, AIDS, etc ... For AIDS, you may decide to get tested after 3 months without reporting risk. Either you were unmarried for 3 months and you do the test as soon as possible. Either you were a couple before you meet. In this case, use condoms for 3 months and then do a test for AIDS if you have not had unprotected sex with someone else during those three months. If you are HIV negative and faithful both the risk of AIDS is eliminated. You have the choice whether to take a risk for other STIs. By stopping the condom, you take that risk. The single pill is very effective in preventing pregnancy.

All the questions you ask yourself on the pill

The pill is it effective immediately? Can we make love during the 7 days off? Answer all the questions you ask yourself on the pill ...

1 - How quickly the body gets there on the pill?

There are several types of pills with different dosages. If you take the pill for a month, you can see how you bear it. If there are too annoying effects (nausea, headaches, acne ...) that you think related to the pill, talk to your doctor. It may propose another worry. Sometimes you have to try several before finding the right one.

2 - Can you get pregnant during the 7 days off the pill?

Not even during the 7 days off the pill still protect you against pregnancy. Indeed, it takes at least 8 days for an egg, "asleep" by the pill, wake up. By cons, we must take your pills on the 8th day, otherwise the risk of pregnancy exists strongly.

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