Thursday, June 14, 2012

Suffer For Life

Scars, cuts, burns and other ... sometimes teenagers and young adults intentionally maim. And those behaviors were increased in recent years. Why this need to hurt? How to get out?

Self-harm is an underestimated problem. Yet it would affect a growing number of adolescents and young adults, mostly women. More than one in ten would be concerned.

Why do evil?

Self-harm is, as its name implies, to injure himself intentionally. It passes through small cuts with a razor or a knife, burns, bites ... The teen is usually necessary to this suffering out of sight of his surroundings, hiding in his room or bathroom. These injuries practiced repeatedly are not intended to attract attention, but seems to allow it to control his emotions, his fears, his anger ... unless it a way to reclaim her body. It should be emphasized a kind of "fashion" of self-harm - some stars, such as Marilyn Manson, not hesitating to scarify on stage - which is perhaps not unrelated to the increased number of cases.

Unfamiliar Alternatives

If, during their first time for 40% of boys threading hood turned into nightmare, only 27% of their partners have lived like that. Then the girls or you run out of compassion, so either you have your head in the stars that you do not see that fire! Third hypothesis, hefty guys are when it comes to hide their failure! In any case what the guys should remember is that even if they disbanded just because of the hood, the girls do not realize it! While we do not put the pressure!

Unfamiliar alternatives!

31% of girls were on the pill during their first time. Of these, 28% had been prescribed for their acne. The pill thus appears as the second method of contraception used by women for the first time, followed (hopefully very far!) Using techniques borked s Recall (3.7%) and day-count (2.4%). It is important to remember that the pill is not necessarily the best solution. The implant is more effective, and the patch causes less forgetting ... So to find the means of contraception that suits you best, take a look at our record!

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