Friday, July 6, 2012

Libidinal Development

At different stages of development, the source of the impulses will change; Freud talks about erogenous zones. Each drive will be connected to a function: for example, the oral stage, the function of the impulse is to feed. there may be satisfaction or frustration of the drive.

There are different stages to describe the libidinal development of the individual. All stages are not consecutive, they fit together and can persist. Two defense mechanisms may be at work: the fixation and regression:

* There may be mounting at a libidinal stage when there is no passage to the next stage, particularly because the current stage brings great satisfaction.

* There may be regression when the subject in advance stages and then declining at an earlier stage because they encounter too much frustration.

Freudian Theory

At the time of birth, the nervous system is not yet matured. An agreement must be made between the physical body and the baby acquires daily.

According to Freudian theory, when the baby is born, the psychic apparatus is composed by the id, filled with energy and psychic impulses. Gradually, through experience, self and identity are constructed and emerge from it. The superego will appear much later.

Freud has worked with adults but he realized, however, that the psychic conflicts were rooted in childhood (partial drives that predate puberty, Freud referred to as infantile sexuality). During childhood, sexual drive will develop. Some will be the source of psychic conflicts, others will reappear in dreams.

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