Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to choose?

The easiest way is to talk with your doctor or pediatrician can advise you on the choices and give you the addresses. Talk to your loved ones as they can tell you a shrink their knowledge. Attention, please check it has the required qualifications. The school partners, including social workers, managers and nurses familiar with health care facilities.

How to take the teenager?

It should be explained that the shrink is a neutral person who can help under the seal of secrecy. It may help to understand what is happening and to manage this new situation. It should also be noted that we can go there once to see how it goes. The adolescent must feel comfortable with his interlocutor: if he does not feel comfortable with the person, we can find another with which the young will have more chemistry.

Psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist?

* The psychiatrist is a medical specialist (8 years of study 3 years of specialization). It is the only psychiatrist who can prescribe medication. His consultations are reimbursed by Social Security. He is the best partner for depression or behavioral disorder. With drugs, it relieves pain immediately, with the words it treats long term;

* A psychologist has a Masters in Clinical Psychology (Bin 5). Its services are free in public facilities. His work is adapted to periods of "turbulence" at which we need to be routed;

* The therapist is trained in psychotherapy, not a diploma. This profession is largely unregulated and the choice of the speaker should prompt greater vigilance. However, a psychotherapist may be also a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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At what time take him to the Psychologist?

Although parents often have great difficulty accepting the idea that their child may need outside help. Indeed, they seem to have failed in their mission, but as the proverb says "nobody is prophet in his own country."

Sometimes the child may need to talk to someone totally neutral. It may also have psychological problems - like anxiety, insomnia - due to difficult times (death, illness, parental separation ...). Some symptoms must attract the attention of parents, including:

* A decline in school performance;
* A sudden aggressiveness, anxiety, crying repeated;
* A breakdown in communication;
* Eating disorders.

It is advisable to consult.

Teenager Explores

Nothing is more violent, for a father or a mother to discover that your teen is useless: Loved cutter on the forearm with a cigarette burns, lacerations of the legs. During the adolescence Dolto compared to private molting lobster carapace, compared to the skin is very special. "The skin is a barrier, a narcissistic envelope that protects the world from chaos as possible," (in Skin and traces Métailié, 2003). Being ill at ease sometimes involves the redesign of the surface itself to a makeover and more confusing. The body markings are stops identity, ways to put limits on the skin. "

During this difficult age of mutation that is characterized, more than any other by a floating body identity - awakening of desire, questioning of masculine and feminine, entering puberty - the teenager explores his limitations. specialist psychiatrist adolescence, adds: "The sensory element is very important, the teen became acquainted with his senses, touch, his skin clear that in terms of pleasurable or painful sensations. "

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