Monday, July 9, 2012

Symptoms of a Mental Disorder

The clinical symptoms of a mental disorder as a form or a fainting attack is an example of a disease called "somatization". Somatization is called "the tendency to avoid distress and mental states defined as physical symptoms occur.

Somatization is the most common psychological phenomena of doctors seen, with the presentation of physical symptoms as part of a mental disorder. This is not surprising, since throughout history and cultures, the expression of psychological distress through physical symptoms is really the rule.

The physician should examine the presence of both psychological and physical causes for his condition. Patients often are told it is okay without allay their fears. Patients are often not easy to know normal diagnostic tests reassured. Many patients need help to understand the relationship between physical symptoms and their emotional state.

Fits and faints because of mental illness

Patients, doctors, with adaptations, the attacks of fainting and dizziness, for which there is no physical explanation often suffer from a diagnosed mental disorder present. Often these attacks and attacks from impotence are presented in a dramatic way.

Usually physical diagnosis began with extensive research, while the possibility of suffering from mental disorder, a diagnosis of exclusion have been banished.

This may be common mental disorders are not officially diagnosed and treated, therefore, lead is not sufficient. not apart from the inability of patients with mental disorders recognized, the cost of patient progress, unnecessary tests and consultations are important.


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Psychological Risk

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Psychological risk

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Let's talk about sex with our teens

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