Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Romance

The adolescent is developing a family romance: there are two sets of parents, one rich, noble, powerful and protective deities assimilated. They are the parents of the past, idealized by the child. The other couple is humble, common, subject to daily limits. It is the parents discovered the teenager. These two sets of parents compete in the imagination of the youth. He then weaves a family saga in which he will recover his rights and privileges. This reveals the regressive process towards reassuring the relationship of early childhood, and gradual process that can accept the reality.

Fantasy role change: the teen wants to take the place of a parent by usurping the rights of adults. It is an adult instead of the father or mother. He considers his parents, advises, infantilizes. This is a requirement to become adults. The adolescent thus identified with images of parents walls.

Overhauling Affective Personality

Vis-à-vis parents, the youth must complete the "grieving parental imago. Grief is a process which does not end with what is dead. This is a break with the image that parents are to adolescents. This process involves several steps. Everything starts with the return of what has been repressed during latency, ie infantile impulses. This return is massive and uncontrollable for the teenager, by defeating the ego in its attempt to balance.

He is anxious, depressed, depressed, inhibited. He is antisocial acts. The defensive aspect fails to retain the emotional aspect. The oral side results in bulimia, anorexia, and greed on all levels. Anal impulses come through aggression. Return as phallic and Oedipal impulses, resulting in an identity crisis as much mental as physical. Reactivation of oedipal impulses vis-à-vis parents, creating feelings of "shame of the parents" to avoid the drive through a reverse attitude (access to the file "Oedipus"). Critique of what are the parents. It feels more dependent on them, the more he will be aggressive vis-à-vis them. Parents can do nothing to help because it is their very presence that creates the conflict.

Funeral Planning

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It was not that long, adolescence was not recognized by the community. It was an individual state, as well as the elderly. In Western cultures, adolescence has become a social phenomenon. It is a state at once childish and serious.

Provocation on the part of adults emerged from the artists before and during the Second World War (Romanticism, Dada ...), claim against all institutions of society (family, state, church, army, school ...) . From 1950, teenagers taking on board all these claims, all these emotional. In 1960, emergence of music to express them. In 1970, in addition to music, the opposition expressed by the adult world politicization (concerts in support or protest, politically committed singers). 1980, widespread access to drugs that we share during concerts or events before. 1990: the refusal of family traditions expressed through a different behavior, for example (access to the file "food pipe"). In 2000, the great uncertainty of unemployment, the difficulty of housing, and a lesser protection for families or adult society led them to recreate their virtual world to isolate all of them (video games , computers ...) and to find them (internet, phone ...). Adolescents become addicted in this way art and media.

Pubertal and intellectual evolutions

In girls: breast development, reproductive tract. Weight gain. Menarche. In 1940, the first rules in Europe came to 17 years. Currently, the average age is around 12 years and 6 months, because living conditions are more comfortable and assertive adolescents earlier.

In boys: wet dreams first, voice change, hair, bone growth and stature.

For both: re-shaping the body image, continuously (access to the file "body schema"). Fixation on physical appearance outside: very narcissistic era. Different tendencies to excess. Very little hygiene. Instability.

During the early years, the thought of the little child was magical (access to the file "childhood"). A latent period he acquired a concrete logic (access to the file "window period"). To 12 years, the teenager will be able to reason deductively, making assumptions and meets in the abstract. It is now possible thanks to the birth of formal thought, or "hypotético-deductive". Having acquired the formal thought, he will use to excess. He did not need the experience. This is when we change the world, very creative but without support in reality. He acquired the adult intellect.

Outdoor Cushion

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