Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breath Sample: Know the limits

The peace officer may require the driver to provide a breath sample using an approved instrument when it has reasonable grounds to believe that the ability to conduct the person was impaired or driving it faster than allowed by law. Usually, this test is administered at the police station.

Anyone who refuses, without reasonable cause, to provide a breath sample pursuant to the order of a peace officer may be convicted for refusing to obey the order to provide a breath sample. The person convicted is liable to the same penalty as that would have been imposed if she had been convicted of impaired driving.

The peace officer may ask the person who is unable to provide a breath sample because of his physical condition to provide a blood sample. A doctor or other qualified professional can take the blood sample. Refusing to provide a blood sample is also a criminal offense.

Limit imposed by law

The person whose blood alcohol exceeding 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood is guilty of an offense (BAC over 80 mg). Most of the time a breath sample to determine blood alcohol. In some situations, a blood sample will be crucial.

Any person whose BAC is above the limit set by law will be convicted even if his behavior is not that of an intoxicated person and even if it is not clear that his impaired . The punishment for this type of crime is the same as the punishment for driving while intoxicated.

The peace officer may order the driver to provide a breath sample on a screening device "approved" when it has reason to suspect the presence of alcohol in the body of the person. This test is usually done on the roadside.


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Impaired Driving

The concept of impaired driving applies when driving a motor vehicle, including a car, truck, boat, snowmobile, aircraft or train, while the ability to operate the vehicle is impaired by influence of alcohol or drugs.

A person can be convicted of impaired driving when there is proof beyond reasonable doubt of his disability. The evidence could show by example that the person was driving very slowly or too fast, not driving it straight, she was unable to perform simple physical tasks, she had difficulty speaking, she had red eyes, she smelled of alcohol. Any person whose capacity is impaired by alcohol can be charged and convicted of impaired driving, his alcohol level is above or not the "limit imposed by law".

Another place you can see

Another place you can see, these attacks are the mass fainting in the factories of the Free Trade Zone, where the majority of workers are girls. The press often reports on incidents where the number of girls admitted to the hospital are sometimes more important, because fainting. It is called mass hysteria.

The management of a person, these problems include a thorough examination to clarify what the person of "good" or fainting attack meant and assessment of his depression and / or anxiety. Reinsurance person shows that all tests are within normal range.

These patients should be education about mental health, panic attacks and fainting due to a reaction time because of unresolved bereavement or separation.

Cognitive behavior therapy techniques, relaxation and slow breathing exercises with these pastors.

Sometimes drugs with anti-depressants and anxiolytics are useful.

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Keep An Open Mind

It is very important to keep an open mind to other diagnoses that the patient will be followed.

There is a strong association with stress and is "fit" and it is therefore important to obtain confirmation of the story distinguish this form of "adaptation" by a physical cause.

Major depression due to unresolved grief as a family death or separation can cause seizures, dizziness and fainting. A person can suffer from anxiety and panic as fear of heights or crowds of people fainting.

In Eastern European countries fainting spells are common in Funeral Service and schools, especially in girls schools.

Helping Teens

Teenagers are often accused of being behind many acts of violence. However, some measures could prevent the passage to the act. Thus it is recommended:

* They offer creative activities, including arts (drama, music ..) to express themselves.

* Give them access to temporary accommodation when they want to temporarily separate from their parents during a crisis.

* Better care for children who suffer the penalties of law.

* And of course to help parents who express a need.


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