Sunday, August 19, 2012

Effectiveness of Treatment

This applies in particular to a form of MS through the relentless progress without setbacks and clear and specific products and is characterized by remissions, but also applies to other forms of MS. In addition, it is increasingly clear that the white matter that appear normal on the abnormalities in brain MRI, and often contains the structure of the chemical composition.

These developments have led to the discovery of new therapeutic strategies for more than 80 new drugs that are in the beginning of the 21 evaluation of a century.

We have already stated on the significant progress that MRI technology has enabled us to judge ourselves better, and the effectiveness of treatment to reduce disease activity. However, it is very difficult to determine the exact nature of the relationship between the activity of MS, for example, using magnetic resonance imaging, and to see a physical disability associated with the disease. Therefore, the clinical criteria must still play a role in evaluating the effectiveness of treatment. This evaluation was conducted double-blind clinical trials already in the large, placebo-controlled.

Techniques of Magnetic

The use of certain techniques of magnetic resonance have a better understanding of how to develop provided the lesions. Usually preceded by a new strain that rupture of local blood-brain barrier, which is associated with inflammation. Can be observed demyelination (which is the characteristic phenomenon of the disease MS) at the same time almost. After about a month, to ease the inflammation and the healing process gets under way, and what about the clinical remission. Over time, however, there are in most cases the accumulation of neurological deficits by the onset of disability.

We have found recently that the element of non-recovery of the deficit is mainly due to complete degeneration of nerve fibers, and these observations have important therapeutic implications.

As expected, showed the emergence of new technologies and better, and the unexpected complexity of the disease. For example, we now know that the lesions of MS do not have the detection of infections.

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Traditional Therapy

Internet is often the first place people go to for information. So, this is evidence not only in the form of traditional paper published, but also on the website of the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis. Thanks to a copy on the Internet, and the reader can easily access the updates until the release of the new printed version.

The development of knowledge about MS is partly a result of breakthroughs in various medical specialties, the most important undoubtedly those made in the techniques of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging [MRI], and NMR spectroscopy [SRM]).

Investigations have shown in magnetic resonance in a series that disease activity ten times more common than previously thought, simply on the basis of the frequency of relapses. This observation has to check the development of ways to be suitable for effective treatments to reduce the number of new lesions in the central nervous system (CNS).

Alternate Therapy

In the last decade of the twentieth century, saw the way we see the Alternate Therapy (MS) major changes. From the viewpoint of a neurologist, and we better understand the mechanisms behind the damage to the nerves, and the onset of symptoms, although we are still significant gaps. These developments have enabled us to new therapeutic approaches, including the first steps is to put inconclusive.

For the first time, has changed our ability to influence the course of MS outlook for people with this disease. It is hoped that can be adjusted from the progression of the disease, and can alleviate the symptoms and new treatments that appear more effective than currently available soon.

With the dramatic increase in the volume of information available for MS, including the Internet, and more involved with the disease in care. It is therefore important to ensure a comprehensive directory and is accessible to the current treatment options, where she has to offer will find information about the relative effectiveness of these.

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