Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Clinical Trials

One can increase the value of statistical clinical study with a control group received a placebo, and the characteristics of this group should be as close as possible to those contained in the treated group (age, sex, and duration and the nature and severity of the disease, etc..) .. You can also disguise the nature of the treatment (drug or placebo) to the examiner, and the patient. This is known as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Determines the size and statistical power and the duration of study needed to get the correct results. Such clinical trials prove conclusively.

The results of the meta-analysis and more convincing. This type of study is to analyze the effectiveness and safety of treatment, based on the combined results of several clinical studies designed according to scientific protocol properly.

Monitoring Patients

To be meaningful, must provide evidence through monitoring the group of patients in the study of the available open the doctor and patient alike know that the drug administered.

Schedule a test, and treated and observed in the patients in the near future (prospective study) provide the strongest evidence that the ex-post evaluation of a group of patients in the past (retrospective test) treatment. Studies in the open, and there are a number of factors, the results seem in many cases cheaper than they make in reality. First, there will be biased in favor of improved references, and the results of treatment. Then there is the placebo effect: that the patient gets better, because he wants to heal, and that participation in clinical trials assured. Finally, there is a bias by excluding patients who stop treatment or who deteriorate and then the examiner the impression that the well-established that most of his patients, and data are received at the end of the day, especially on issues of response to treatment.

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