Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oral Treatment

Studies have shown, followed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and the effect of steroids by it shows a decrease in lesion that leads to improved in the presence of gadolinium. However, this effect did not last long, however, and new lesions appear within a week after treatment. If often use corticosteroids in the treatment of advanced, little is known about their optimal dose system. In particular, there is no consensus on the relative effectiveness of various compounds (for example, ACTH intramuscularly, steroids IV or oral steroids), and optimal dose of each track management or the possible need for "oral treatment with low after management IV therapy of short duration continue. MPIV replace some doctors with oral corticosteroids in the treatment of recurrent disease because of the convenience of this type of management and reduce costs. We presented data indicate that the methods are equally effective in acute exacerbations, but it's not very convincing. It is interesting to note that in many of the studies of corticosteroids by mouth (concentrated all forces operating on a relatively small), and different dose regimens. And other anti-inflammatory drugs such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory non-steroidal (NSAIDs), and acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), indomethacin, ibuprofen and naproxen did not prove effective in the treatment of MS acute

Effect of Exacerbations

The recovery rate of vision significantly faster in the group that received treatment with main interest MPIV were in patients whose visual acuity was 20/40 or less established at the outset. After six months there was no significant difference in visual acuity between the groups and the placebo MPIV. Oral prednisone given did not prove superior to placebo. It was surprising that during the month 6-24 follow-up, the risk of optic neuritis was higher repeated in both eyes were in patients treated with oral prednisone and MPIV by about 50 percent. Risk of outbreaks per cent of the new. Diagnosis of MS was the effect was greater in patients with higher risk of recurrence, ie, d. In those with brain lesions multiple MRI at baseline have led these results to the fact that it is not designed this study to evaluate the effect of sugary on exacerbations assessment later and there is no placebo group or protocol blinding for the group that received treatment by MPIV interpretation. Differences between the treatment groups was no longer significant after three years, which shows that the best MPIV slow the progression of MS, but without stopping.


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