Friday, September 21, 2012

Treatment, Main Issue

The main issue raised in this study, noted a small increase the size of the effect in each treatment group, and the probability of error of type 2 statistical (not identify the actual difference). It should in this context, it should be noted that the statistical methods are tools to detect the difference in the first place rather than similarity shows created can not be for lack of evidence of a difference to be considered as evidence of no difference.

It is extremely important not to extend corticosteroids, as is the custom that this treatment is associated with long-term complications. These complications include swelling spreads, the face of the moon, and psychosis, peptic ulcers, infections and acne. In the long term, can also cause treatment of serious side effects such as fractures, bone demineralization. Aseptic bone necrosis, and cataracts, high blood pressure and adrenal insufficiency

The Treatment of Patients

The treatment of patients suffering from PD consistently better than those who received placebo. After eight weeks of starting treatment, 32 p. The percent of patients in the placebo group developed an improvement of one point on a scale to assess disability (Expanded Disability within Center [EDSS]), while this number percent at 65. Percent in the group that received treatment with MP.

Another controlled study of recently in the UK, compared with MPIV MP by mouth. Patients were treated MS ninety within four weeks after the start of the outbreak. Of these patients, 38 MPIV (1000 mg / day for 3 days) and 42 MP oral (48 mg / day for 7 days, then 24 mg / day for 7 days and 12 mg / day for 7 days). Thus, the cumulative dose of methyl mg 3000 in Group D and 588 mg oral group. The primary endpoint was the difference between the two groups with regard to improving the EDSS (at least one point) after four weeks. Was measured no significant difference from pre-primary endpoint, or other parameters at one time or another during the study.

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