Sunday, October 7, 2012


Macrophages secrete chemicals also called proteases (myelin destruction capable), prostaglandins, free radicals, and the immune system plays a role in inflammation and function. The second type of white blood cells are smaller cells. B-cells, including the maturity occurs in the bone marrow, we have a mission to produce antibodies. T cells, and a lot of maturity in reach of the thymus.

According to T-cell growth-and metabolism, and secrete cytokines material increases are activated once in response to exposure to the antigen. These activities and job promoting the growth of the population of lymphocytes, macrophages, and blood flow, leading to the formation of tissue edema and attract other types of white blood cells all over the infiltration. Interferon gamma is one of the cytokines secreted by activated T cells and facilitate the recognition of antigen. Associated with use in the treatment of MS with an increase in the frequency of relapses.

Differences Between

However, there are significant differences between the MS EAE and chronic. Contrary to what happens in EAE, it is difficult to detect antibodies against myelin proteins in the blood of patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. In FP, and we know that myelin antigen or one of its components, while in September, and we do not know yet. The antigen in question and in addition to that, to prevent and suppress EAE bit by a number of medicines that do not seem effective in September

The complex immune system. Its essential components are two types of white blood cells in the contract thymus, spleen and lymph found. These cells can circulate throughout the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The largest of them is called macrophages ("macro" large Greek and "phage" eat) their job is to absorb and remove foreign objects.

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