Sunday, October 28, 2012

Acyclovir ZoviraxMD

Acyclovir (ZoviraxMD) antiviral and other Could be a viral infection to play an etiologic role in the pathogenesis of MS. This assumption was the basis used to achieve a double-blind, drugs, and random acyclovir in the treatment of herpes infections. Patients who received sixty RRMS acyclovir (800 mg) or placebo administered three times per day. Treatment was associated with activity has been reduced 34 percent. Percent in annual relapse rate, which confirms the value of further research and related vehicles acyclovir. In a recent study of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data on disease activity and showed no obvious effect valaciclovir, although positive results can not be denied in the subsets of September rights

Cortical, Plasma

Produced treatment for long periods of time with corticosteroids any positive effect on the development of disability and frequency of relapses. Moreover, it can cause serious side effects including osteoporosis aseptic bone necrosis, proximal muscle weakness and high blood pressure, high blood sugar and cataracts, and mental disorders. Said recently that intravenous corticosteroids monthly may slow the progression of disability and associated interferon beta-1b, corticosteroids can reduce the production of antibodies.

A Canadian study in a large, multi-center, placebo-controlled, for a period of two years, we have shown. Value in the treatment of plasma MS were obtained deficit reduction to present themselves with a combination therapy with plasma and oral prednisone and cyclophosphamide with placebo and plasma Sham.

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Interferon Alpha

How IFN beta, alpha IFN type of IFN 1 (see the section on beta IFN). Because both of the same receptors Substances Act, it is reasonable to IFN alpha has a positive effect on the development of MS. The first large-scale clinical trials of recombinant interferon alpha, based on 98 patients for a year in the randomized double-blind protocol, has shown placebo-controlled followed, focused, great benefits.

A study recently conducted in Italy, where 20 patients MRI within six months. Found that new or improved pest were more frequent in the second set, and the frequency of relapses. This study of alpha IFN doses higher than previous studies in the management of every two days focused by intramuscular injection.


sulfasalazine and is a safe, well-established, and endowed with well-known anti-inflammatory and immune that was used for decades in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the intestine. Was later discovered to have a positive effect on rheumatoid arthritis. Recently, we published the results of a collaborative study of the third stage, double-blind, placebo-controlled study from the Mayo Clinic, Canada's sulfasalazine in the treatment of Active MS. 99 patients were treated in the emergency percent with active MS with sulfasalazine (up to 2 g / day) or placebo, and observed for at least three years (mean follow-up 3.7 years). Although the short-term response has (2 years) preferential treatment can prevent or slow the progression of disability by the primary endpoint measure appeared (confirmed worsening EDSS one point at least for a period of consecutive examinations at intervals of 3 months).

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