Saturday, November 3, 2012

Medical Traditions of Ancient Greece

By its nature and founded securely connected physiotherapy medical traditions of ancient Greece. Principles governing the exercise of our day to naturopathic Heavily much for the "Hippocratic Corpus", and 20, the basis of Western medicine, the fifth century BC to the early century formed. Here are the main lines.

nocere is primum no - first do no harm. Can the symptoms of the disease (fever, for example) to be signs of a healing process. Therefore may harm their simple delete than good. Interventions need to enhance the natural healing process, not a prescription.

Screw medicatix naturae - nature and its own healing power. Body has an innate ability to restore and maintain health, if lost. In the heart of the neighborhood, the forces of life to achieve this. The role of the doctor or therapist. Access to these forces that make it easier to detect and remove barriers

large causam - detection and treatment of the cause. Doctors should be tried causes of the disease, rather than trying to suppress the symptoms. The disease is seen as the final result of a particular disease. You can restore the natural balance that carried out work on the causes of the disease.

Docere - teaching. The patient's doctor should be directed on the road to recovery and maintain their health naturally. Him to teach him to take care of themselves and make their own healing process and in accordance with the following principles:

* And a holistic approach. Says the processor of the patient working for his illness as a result of a complex interaction of mental, physical and emotional, spiritual, and should be on every one of them.

* Food. It teaches you how to eat so as to obtain all the nutrients essential for health, to avoid the use of synthetic drugs or surgery.

* Prevention (CDC). Finally taught him how to behave to maximize environmental and lifestyle, strength and well-being, and ultimately the risk of disease.

Naturopathy or Naturopathic

In countries where there are no strict rules for physical therapy - as is the case for several Francophone countries - to use the medicine is a natural and physical therapy are used interchangeably. In English, there is an obstacle, physical therapy, and in the countries in which they have been officially recognized discipline, and there is a doctor in physical therapy (ND), and not in natural medicine. On the other side of the origin of the word is Naturopathy is uncertain. Probably comes from the Latin: NATURO, nature and Greek: Patty, suffering. Means physical therapy, suffer - or disease - from nature. But perhaps more German word: path resulting path. Physical therapy is the path (Health) of nature.

Physiotherapy is a complete medical system, and the ongoing efforts in the first place mechanisms to stimulate the body's natural healing. Naturopathic interventions to activate the first place to promote and strengthen the mechanisms to eliminate these symptoms or instead of attacking pathogens directly. You will also need a soft and non-invasive as possible.

Among the most important tools for natural medicine, we find, among other things, herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and physical manipulation, and so on stress management techniques.

For a better understanding of what today's physical therapy, it may be logical to its origins dating back to 2500, and remember its recent development, for a hundred years.

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