Monday, December 3, 2012

Activity of the Disease,

Phase II studies (sample of 213 patients maximum) showed that relapse in MS, and monthly natalizumab injection given IV over a period of up to six months, and well-tolerated, and inhibits the activity of the disease, according to the (primary endpoint) MRI and reduces the frequency of relapses . Designed large Phase III trial to confirm the efficacy and safety of monthly management fourth natalizumab, either as a single therapy in combination with interferon beta.

Recent studies suggest that the beneficial effects of steroids and interferon beta in MS may be at least partly related to a reduction in the activity of certain MMPs and stimulating the production of tissue inhibitors MMPs. Also proved that MMP inhibitors effectively suppress EAE.

Can also manage future studies and nerve agents or molecules that renews axles, and the establishment of growth factors, and the proliferation and survival of oligodendrocytes (the cells that produce myelin) focus on stimulating the production of cell transplantation and myelin (for example, neural stem cells).

Blood Brain Barrier

Agents to reduce the damage to the blood-brain barrier
 The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is to protect the spinal cord and brain by preventing the cells and molecules of some of the inputs. In the early stages of MS, this barrier more permeable, and can not prevent the immune cells from the blood. Its way to the brain and the spinal cord was observed that the management of IFN beta, to reduce patients and animals with EAE in BBB permeability, thus preventing the formation of new lesions.

Is evaluating a number of novel compounds soon in MS studies, including antibodies against adhesion molecules, adhesion molecules soluble recombinant that compete with the binding of activated lymphocytes T-, as well as other anti-competitive adhesion molecules, such as selectins. Natalizumab (AntegrenMD) and he was the head of monoclonal antibodies against leukocyte integrin alpha4beta1 studied recently.

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Myelin basic protein and other peptides

 In the first phase study, we examined the effect of synthetic peptides intrathecal or intravenous myelin basic protein (MBP) concentrations of free and associated MBP-Semitism in the CSF. Been reported any significant side effects. Recent studies we to determine the safety and efficacy of peptide analogues of identifying MBP (modified peptide ligands). We believe that these peptides bind cell receptors T-, without causing the activation of these cells, but by stimulating the production of cytokines anti-inflammatory, instead of cytokines pro-inflammatory theoretically this could lead to disabling treatment strategy that selectively, and T cells play a role in the pathogenesis in MS.

Myelin Orally

 After the first pilot study on the induction of immune tolerance to myelin antigens, multicenter, randomized, conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study by oral administration of myelin. This study was conducted of the third stage in 14 centers in the United States and Canada. It included more than 500 patients with RRMS (EDSS scores of 4.5 or less), stratified by gender and phenotype DR2 (because we have observed in a previous study, men or HLA-DR2 without tend better to treatment). The primary endpoint was to study two-year relapse rate, while ultimately included secondary MRI. The results of this study showed no great benefit of oral myelin (MyloralMD) compared with placebo.

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Factors that stimulate specific immune

 Immunology is a strategy on the plane of complex events trimolecular to prevent activation of cells T-antigen specific when the expression of this disease by the antigen-presenting cells, cells T-, and displays the future of the interview, they lead to the production of proinflammatory myelin interaction lymphocytes. This can be achieved this strategy by the management of medicines (such as antibodies and monoclonal), which disrupts the party of receptor T cells by the administration of peptides that compete with antigen to bind to receptors can be achieved lymphocytes TT or vaccination cells with such interventions, Although it is theoretically very attractive, is not without its problems, and more importantly is the fact that we still can not find a specific immune response deviation in MS. The therapeutic ability of this strategy is highly skeptical, despite the fact that they are. Be very effective in EAE (an animal model of MS) even if it was possible to identify and target immune response mediated by type of lymphocytes are well characterized-T, this treatment is not possible because of the diversity of the immune response over time (and epitope phenomenon infection).

Other cytokines

 The first and second phase in progress to the therapeutic potential of TGF beta and IL-10, and two anti-inflammatory cytokines, and to consider at the moment for recombinant products. Since associated with the production of IL-12 with the progress of the disease and that may prevent by management that EAE anti-12-IL, these antibodies, in a clinical study evaluating the treatment of MS. Currently, it is still premature to take a decision on the therapeutic ability. You should know that many cytokines, and different functions, depending on the context, and more importantly, in the first place to work locally on the likely unintended consequences when administered into the general circulation.

Pentoxifylline is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which promotes the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines and prevent pro-inflammatory cytokines, while reducing the production of TNF-alpha. It has been shown to be effective in suppressing EAE. Are examined therapeutic ability in MS in a series of experimental studies. Its effects on various parameters of the immune system (CSF all of the blood) as well as magnetic resonance imaging and clinical, however, has been disappointing so far. According to a study, it was used for side effects., Associated with the early stages of antiretroviral therapy with interferon beta

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