Thursday, December 6, 2012


Certainly, this practice more than a century continues to feel some sulfur. "Such powers that resemble witchcraft or magic never existed in novels or films., But the mixture of strangeness and mystery horror allows to thicken and escape eyes that do not want to see, "François Roustang. This eminent specialist in February was the host of the Ling Foundation, Lausanne, through training for therapists.

Certainly, hypnosis contradicts our theoretical knowledge. This practice - the use of "stuff" but especially intuition and attention - is to arise in this hitherto unsuspected potentialities. This is the only magic, and this is already a lot. How is this possible? According to François Roustang, hypnosis induces wakefulness intense that allows us, in imagination, to anticipate and change our behaviors and actions. Therefore, it can become a way of life.

The human being is subject to two regimes of vigilance on the eve restricted own daily life, and ensures widespread, like deep sleep from which we dream, we bathed in our imagination. This duality appears not only when the hypnotic induction is performed.


Issue, four centuries BC in China, and the Association of experimental philosophy, acupuncture is considering finally efficiency real and imaginary personal and especially valuable as a painkiller.

Acupuncture considered, like all Chinese medicine also, a concept often due to negligence is difficult to measure and impossible to understand intuitively: life energy. But without it ... Life does not!

The human body is through foreign channels, invisible but real, and that this energy flow: 14 main meridians. Walkable deep into the body and the surface, and thus unite the various internal organs and the skin surface. Their journey is full of surface points, acupuncture priceless. Each of these points is in fact a specific role, and can also be. The flow of energy along the meridian, either directly to the institution, but because every meridian passing through the area of the body, and connects to various devices, and to treat the surface of the skin sometimes prevented away from where energy. Stimulus is then passed one or the other of these points with a needle along the meridian energy flow again.