Sunday, January 20, 2013

Attending a hypnosis session, it is most often see nothing except the emotions that can fit on the face of the hypnotized. During this weekend for therapists, is proposed as a guinea pig and sat on the chair next to. Their legs are crossed in the mirror. wants to offload a fear. She did say no more. In a slow and quiet voice, the specialist suggested he strongly relive this fear.

 A few minutes later, he encourages them to return to a state of tranquility and keep this fear at a distance bearable. Then, if it involves a difficult thing to do, to live by this act of imagination. "Take the time not to do violence, he said. Allow things to come in their place very slowly." Tears began to stream down the cheeks of Isabelle. "You have the right to cry. Should give you time to feel" it "is unbearable. You must respect you, respect your limits, to distinguish between tolerable and intolerable." And that's all.

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