Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eye - Reflective Body

Eyes, Plato said, the windows to the soul. Convinced that provides a general overview of the state of health, some therapists use to diagnose the panel.

It all started in Germany over a hundred years here. Stroll around the young  is an owl with a broken leg. He brings the injured bird home for treatment. Watching an opportunity for him, that the iris changes its protected along with his health! This discovery, says the legend, fascination  so he move forward the decision to become a doctor and research in the field of diagnosis of the eye.

Here is 3000 years the Chinese have tried to identify diseases on the basis of changes that occur in the colored part of the eye. In Europe, the disease caused changes in the pupil have been known since antiquity. With the accumulated knowledge, diagnosis or iris increased significantly during this century, confirm an Iridologist who takes the same time the position of Dean.

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