Sunday, January 20, 2013


The housewife who dreams to his cup of tea, the student who escapes into his thoughts in the middle of a course, the driver automatically reaches its destination without remembering the details of his itinerary live this dissociation. But during a hypnosis session, under the guidance of a hypnotist intensely present, trance is much deeper.

The interaction verbal and nonverbal paraverbal that develops between the hypnotherapist and the patient is paramount. If we stick to appearances, hypnotized has taken the insignia of sleeper and there is no question for him to use his strengths, senses and mind for the benefit of any task. But he does not sleep. According to  rehabilitated hypnosis in medicine, it is a state of extreme mental concentration: the patient's mental faculties are so engrossed by one idea that, for a moment, it becomes dead or indifferent to any other consideration or influence

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