Thursday, January 31, 2013

Psychological Problems in the Hearing

Note that a large number of physiological and psychological problems rooted in the hearing, rehabilitation Tomatis method ear learn ... Listen.

Therapy, physiotherapy, so the sound is filtered two muscles of the inner ear through a device called the play electronic ear. A memory of dialogue inside the uterus - or Gregorian chants basis of the work of Mozart, but derived also the voice of the mother. With swinging bass and triple, and we take turns the engine to the eardrum and muscle relaxation.

Every day for 2 and a half weeks, Julian rehabilitation of hearing him. In the second phase of treatment, and the repetition of words and songs in the presence of the teacher specialist. Based on a doctor's prescription and insurance, and health insurance partially supported treatment. Since then, Julian has learned to listen and participate fully in class.

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