Friday, March 22, 2013

Principle of homeopathy

In 1796, the foundation stone of homeopathy in the study, while in 1810, complete with his theory of "healing the Organon (Organon of Medicine).In the 1830s, homeopathy began in France, but also in the United States. The followers of Hahnemann pharmacists who refuse to produce these products [edit] to do it yourself.They began when Hahnemann's death in 1843, and took place homosexuality in Europe and this is only the beginning of the 20th Century with the advent of laboratories and mad medic and industrial history and distribution largely with patients.


Compiled based on the principle of homeopathy and natural results and of Hahnemann in the late eighteenth century.

* And "adaptation" to treat the patient, and the principle of similarity and verification occurs when the search for the most similar treatment carefully by a doctor: "It is assigned for the individual treatment of each patient, what is the name of this disease, and the search for symptoms. " All "presented by the patient in the middle of the process said. The length of the dialogue between doctor and patient. Step observation of symptoms by a substance in healthy people, which is always the principle of similarity, and the copy operation prove create precedes cause. In (manufactured Oscillococcinum, PC painkillers ...) Indeed, drugs, in fact the most common homeopathic described on an industrial scale and for many patients.

* "Dynamic": vibrating get any relief after production (Real Estate) vigorously by hand or machine and enables the creation of homeopathic their pharmacological effects, although significant relief.

And against homosexuality allopathy, a term coined Hahnemann and it also means that all drugs are not on the similarity in the choice of treatment, but rather on "the principle of opposites." Sun herbal medicine is allopathic healing method. However, the terms "the principle of opposites" or the "principle of similarity" are not the same experimental or scientific basis.

Character is "gay" and the person using this method is "gay." The semantic shift, "homeopathy" means in everyday language, and often a small amount of product with reference to the current characteristics of homosexuality, while the coverage of the original meaning of the word from the homeopathic similarity: is selected items for the treatment of sick people "homeopathic patients.

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