Sunday, April 21, 2013

Green Tea: What is it ?

Green tea is the drink of both energized and refreshing. There is also a real weight loss instructions and the real star of stressful situations.Green Tea: What is it ? Different characteristics How to use it?Good to know

- Or Sinensis tea Camella, a plant of the Camellia family. The choice of tea depends on soil and climate, and especially how to prepare papers. Green tea is made from different plants, but the result of a specific setting: green tea (tea or blank) is the tea "unprocessed" consists of steamed leaves and dried. Nutritional characteristics are those of processed tea.

- Green tea leaves are harvested young and should be dried quickly. If you can stimulate the fermentation, the result is black tea.

- The major producers of green tea are China and Japan. Green tea is considered Asia as a medicinal plant: It has been used for more than 3000 years in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.Different characteristics

- Thane, polyphenols, and essential oils, minerals, vitamins ... Green tea contains many of the assets to private property.

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