Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aloe Vera :A Plant of immortality

Aloe VeraL'aloes (and called Aloe Vera) is a succulent plant of the lily family, native to North Africa. It is mainly grown in Spain and offered him the sunlight it needs to grow.

Nickname is pulp is relevant: the fountain of youth, the elixir of life, and the harmonic mean, you stick to the sky, and a doctor from the sky, the healer silent, and Dr. Green, Dr. pot, the pot of education and vocational training, and burns plants, medicinal plants, and plant a miracle, lily of the desert, etc ...
In fact, for the beauty of their skin, Cleopatra and Nefertiti would be appreciated donkey milk provided that aloe vera gel.

Known since ancient times, and the priests of ancient Egypt was called the "plant of immortality".

And use the effects of the first drug (4000 BC) found in the Sumerian, Assyrian and Egyptians, but also in Chinese, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and Indians.

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